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Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is an American national pre-settlement funding provider of personal injury lawsuit cash advances and workers compensation settlement loans.

One of the nation's leading lawsuit funders, RedFox offers a wide range of legal financial services to clients, lending a help hand with cash on their case, while they're waiting to receive compensation from a settlement.

Founded in 2012, the firm is headquartered in New York and provides pre and post settlement funding nationwide for third-party lawsuits as well as workers' comp claims.




Lawsuit Funders: What we do

Lawsuit funding companies are financial institutions that provide funds to people in the midst of a lawsuit or injury case. While retail banks cater to individual members of the public, companies that fund lawsuits are the best source of financing for people expecting money from a settled lawsuit or accident claim.

Another significant difference between a bank and companies offering legal funding is these businesses advance settlement loans to lawsuit plaintiffs on a no-risk basis. Settlement loans on lawsuits are in the best interest of the borrower, since the funder gets paid back with fee only if and when the client is awarded damages. These types of lenders are best when it comes to providing funds to clients based on the value of their lawsuit, rather than credit.

Lawsuit Loans & Funding Process: How They Work

With legal financing from Red Fox Lawsuit Funding, borrowing money before the settlement of a lawsuit is relatively simple process. That's because this form of lending is based on the strength of the borrower's case rather than their credit history.

There's no credit check, no income requirements, no financial background check, and no upfront fees.


How Lawsuit Loans Work:

  • The client applies for a lawsuit loan, also called settlement loan.
  • The lawsuit funding company underwrites the case.
  • How much money you can borrow is determined by the underwriter's assessment of your lawsuit.
  • The lender offers lawsuit funds now.
  • The client receives a cash advance.
  • In exchange, the lawsuit advance is paid back with interest only from an anticipated settlement.

Undertaking Lawsuit Funding: 3 Steps

Applying for Funding Now.jpg


Apply online or call to speak with a knowledgeable funding specialist.

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Attorney Contact

A funding underwriter will contact your attorney to obtain information.

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Get Lawsuit Funds Now

The money is sent to you directly: receive a check by overnight mail; wire transfer; or deposited into your bank account.

Advantages of Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Pre-settlement lawsuit loans offer numerous financial benefits to victims struggling to gain back control of their lives. These loans are effective financing tools many clients strategically use to level the playing-field.

Although the courtroom should be a level playing field for both the plaintiff and defendant, big corporations and insurance companies often have the upper advantage. Insurers and large self-insured defendants have the time, resources, and the money to defend and drag out lawsuits. It's in their financial interest to vigorously defend and delay paying insurance claims as long as they possibly can. The problem for victims suffering serious injuries is lawsuits that take years to payout can put an enormous financial strain on them.

The financial support plaintiffs receive with lawsuit loans or pre-settlement funding helps to level the scales of justice. This cash infusion allows them to access quality medical care and cover living expenses.

If you are unable to work or encounter an unexpected emergency, consider our pre-settlement lawsuit funding provides to you a cash advance on your case. While the lawsuit is pending, you now have pre-settlement cash to take care of your money matters and focus on recovery. Another added benefit a lawsuit cash advance is that it gives your attorney additional time to negotiate a larger settlement with the insurance company or prepare the case for trail.

No Credit Check.png

No Credit Check

No Upfront fees.png

Zero Upfront Fees

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Borrow $500 - $100K

Straightforward Process.png

Straightforward Steps

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Faster Underwriting

Easy Approval.png

Easy Approval Process

Determining Eligibility

Red Fox removes the mystery of determining whether or not your lawsuit is eligible for pre-settlement funding. Neither your credit score nor current employment status can disqualify your application.

When the bills are mounting, you don't have the luxury of waiting days or even a week to learn if your case fulfills the firm's underwriting standards. Find out right now if you meet the minimum requirements of qualifying for lawsuit settlement funding from RedFox:

  1. The injured person or plaintiff is 18 years old +.
  2. Your case is in the United States, only.
  3. You are entitled to a payout from an injury case.
  4. You have an attorney (contingency fee basis).
  5. The attorney controls the disbursement.



Lawsuit Funding Reviews

Lawsuit funding companies may offer similar financial products but they don't all deliver the same level of professionalism. Some unscrupulous lenders even pay third-party businesses to post fake reviews of their pre-settlement company, but Red Fox focuses on delivering the best pre-settlement funding experience to clients seeking a lawsuit loan.

That’s one reason way Red Fox Lawsuit Funding ranks among the top companies in the U.S. For the best provider of fast pre-settlement loans, top client service, and fair rates, knowledgeable attorneys choose Red Fox.

Lawsuit Funding Reviews Quotes.pngGreat customer service. I received the loan quickly once Red Fox underwriter got the paperwork from my attorney. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable company.Quotes.png

Michelle T. - Jersey City, N.J.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies

Lawsuit Funding Nationwide: Pre-settlement loans in your area

For national lawsuit funding by Red Fox, contact us at 1-888-475-8027 for a free, no obligation review today.

Our national lawsuit funding company provides lawsuit funding throughout the United States of America. While most businesses fund lawsuits only in their home state or probably regionally, we literally offer legal funding coast to coast. Although we do not advance settlement funding in every state, we can provide financial support to clients in areas where legal funding is permissible (subject to state regulations and whether your attorney controls disbursement of the settlement funds).

Personal Injury Loans

If you've been injured because of negligence by a third party and hired a lawyer to sue the person or business responsible, we can probably fund your case with our personal injury loans.

While we provide personal injury funding in the vast majority of states, we currently do not offer lawsuit loans on personal injury cases or claims in these states: Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Nebraska, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

This above-mentioned list of states is subject to change, at any point in time, and without any prior notice.


Workers Comp Settlement Loans

Pre-settlement funding workers compensation: Gets you a settlement loan on your workers comp claim?

We do not currently offer settlement loans on workers comp cases in the state of Alaska, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, District of Columbia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

This above-mentioned list of states is subject to change, at any point in time, and without any prior notice.


No, lawsuit loans are not the same a personal loan. A lawsuit loan is simply a cash advance to you during the stages of a lawsuit. The borrower is not responsible for making monthly payments on the loan. The lender providing the funds is paid back from the proceeds of a future payout. Another fundamental difference is that unlike a personal loan from a bank, a credit check is not required.

Reputable lawsuit funding companies can only advance pre-settlement loans to clients represented by an attorney. Without an attorney, you are not eligible for pre-settlement lawsuit funding. Should decide that you want to hire an attorney to represent you in a personal injury or workers compensation case, you can contact your local bar association of lawyers for assistance.

Family members often need money while in the process of a wrongful death lawsuit. Pre-settlement funding can help. It allows certain relatives involved in wrongful death cases to receive cash advances or lawsuit loans against the compensation they are entitled to get from a wrongful death claim.

We specialize in workers compensation pre-settlement funding. For employees injured on the job, we provide settlement loans. While your workers comp claim is pending, Red Fox Lawsuit Funding loans you cash to pay for your living expenses until your employer’s insurance company settles your workplace accident case.

Qualifying for pre-settlement funding, your case must meet the following underwriting requirements:

  1. You are 18 years of age of older.
  2. You live and have a legal claim in the United States.
  3. You are legally entitled to money from a lawsuit or injury claim.
  4. You have retained an attorney, who is paid from a lawsuit payout.
  5. Your attorney is willing to help you obtain a lawsuit loan by cooperating in this process.

Borrowers do not have to pay any money up-front. We are here to help you. With no out of pocket cost and zero payment until your case settles, lawsuit loans are a risk-free loan to you.

The best lenders do not restrict how clients spend lawsuit cash advances. Lawsuit loans are pre- settlement cash you can use for whatever your need. While the majority of plaintiffs use the cash from a lawsuit advance to cover their living expenses, medical treatment, and buy groceries, Red Fox Lawsuit Funding does not dictate how you spend the lawsuit loan you receive through us.

You will have three options of how you receive the lawsuit advancement. We can wire you the money by Western Union. The second option is we mail a check to you by overnight delivery. The third and final option is we can have the funds transferred or directly deposited into your check account at your bank.

While some companies fund lawsuits in days or even a week, the lawsuit funding we provide is quick and simple. We understand people involved in a lawsuit need money quickly to pay for the bills, that why we loan lawsuit funding fast. Our goal is to have your case funded in 24 hours.

Ready to get a lawsuit loan? You can begin by submitting your request to us for lawsuit funding. Start by completing the application online or calling us at 1-888-475-8027 to speak with a specialist in our lawsuit funding department.

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