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Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is a national pre-settlement lending provider of lawsuit cash advances and litigation financing to clients waiting to receive monetary compensation from an injury case. Lawsuit funding companies such as Red Fox offer financial help to litigants pursuing personal injury cases by allowing them to get cash before their settlement. We take pride in the fact that we are recognized nationwide as one of America's best lawsuit companies for plaintiffs to obtain fast, low cost pre-settlement advances while waiting for their case to settle.

A serious injury can turn your life upside down. Fortunately, those people who have hired an attorney to file a lawsuit can use settlement loans to help get back on track before their claim settles. When your bills are piling up and waiting on the money from your injury settlement is not an option, consider applying for lawsuit funding to find cash to cover your bills during the legal claim process.



Best Lawsuit Funding Companies

The Lawsuit Funding Professionals

The lawsuit funding professionals at Red Fox Funding understands the financial obstacles victims often face while waiting on the money from a personal injury claim. A serious injury can leave an accident victim unable to return to work and with mounting medical expenses. When you start falling behind on your bills and don't have sufficient income to pay your financial obligations, the pressure to settle your case quickly can build. Getting lawsuit funding fast can help to alleviate the financial burden by allowing you to borrow money from your lawsuit now and catch up on your payments.

Easy Lawsuit Funding Process

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding makes the process of obtaining a lawsuit cash advances simple for injured people. Based on your attorney's cooperation and availability, the entire lawsuit funding process can take 24 hours to complete. In certain situations, our company can even provide same day lawsuit loans to clients who need a portion of their lawsuit cash now to avoid a financial crisis.

Getting a lawsuit loan through a professional pre-settlement lender is the way to borrow money against your forthcoming lawsuit settlement in 3 simple steps:

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Request Funding for Your Case

Tell us a little about your case and how much you need to borrow.

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We Work With Your Law Firm

A funding specialist will contact your attorney for some case information.

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Get Lawsuit Cash Now

The money is sent to directly to you by Check, Bank Transfer, or Wire.

The Benefits of Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Pre-settlement funding is a financial lifesaver for plaintiffs drowning in bills and needing the tools to stay afloat until they're awarded damages as compensation for the injuries they were caused to suffer. Our organization take great pride in having had the opportunity to provided pre-settlement funding to clients throughout the United States, helping them obtain immediate cash relief during the long, drawn out litigation process.

While legal funding companies do not place restrictions on how clients spend the cash advance (legally, of course), the majority of plaintiffs use the advancement to pay their mortgage payments, rent, auto loan payments, medical bills, living expenses, and more.

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No Credit Check

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Zero Upfront Fees

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Borrow Up To $100K

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Straightforward Steps

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Faster Underwriting

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Easy Approval Process

Pre-Settlement Solutions

Lawsuit funding is commonly known as settlement loans, lawsuit loans, and legal loans. It is simply a pre-lawsuit settlement solution that enables injured people to find the cash they need to make ends meet until they win an out-of-court settlement or verdict from an injury claim.

With a lawsuit advance, you get cash for your unsettled case by borrowing against a portion of the proceeds you expect to get from lawsuit settlement through a lawsuit funding company.

Unlike a personal loan from a bank, obtaining settlement funding for an injury case does not require a credit check of the borrower. A loan on your pending lawsuit is based on the facts of your case such as the injuries you've suffered and medical treatment you have received.



Lawsuit Funding Reviews

Reputable lawsuit funding companies are committed to delivering exceptional customer service to clients seeking a lending hand. Our lawsuit lending institution takes pride in the reviews and feedback from former clients who have received funding for lawsuits.

Lawsuit Funding Reviews Quotes.pngI didn't think getting a loan on my lawsuit would be so easy but your funding company made the entire experience so much easier than I expected. You came through for me when needed money fast. I told my attorney how helpful your were and recommended she send her other clients your way. Thank you.Quotes.png

Rosa M. - Bronx, NY

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies

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Red Fox is a national lawsuit funding company providing pre-settlement cash advances to accident victims and plaintiffs across America. From case funding for personal injury lawsuits to workers' compensation settlement loans, we've got the cash you need to cover your bills until your case settles. Here’s a list of states where we advance settlement loans to clients nationwide:

FELA Lawsuit Funding. FELA, or Federal Employers Liability Act, is a law that provides financial protection for injured railroad workers. It entitles workers to claim compensation from negligent railroad companies in the case of a train accident that causes serious personal injury.
If you’re expecting to get money from a medical malpractice settlement, lawsuit funding help you get a cash advance against your negligence case.
Injured in a trip and fall accident? With a pre-settlement loan, victims of trip and falls can get cash before winning their personal injury lawsuit.
Pedestrian hit by car lawsuits take a long time. Pedestrian accident victims can apply for lawsuit funding to get a cash advance against their car accident claim.
Victims injured in accidents involving commercial trucks or semi-trucks can qualify for funding for their lawsuit before reaching an out-of-court settlement.

Fast, Low Cost Cash Advances

Get a Lawsuit Cash Advance Up to $100,000 Now

Lawsuit Funding Capital

Lawsuit funding gives you the capital you need to cover your auto loan payments, rent, and mortgage payments, and more during litigation. It works by assisting you in staying afloat financially until you win your lawsuit or collect your injury settlement money from a settle case.

In the United States, when a person suffers injuries because of the negligence of another person or business, the victim can make a claim against the entity at fault for causing the injury.

Insurance companies and the claim process

Victims are entitled to claim compensation for the injuries they have suffered, medical bills, and damages directly related to injury such as loss of earnings.

When you hire an attorney to represent you in a bodily injury claim, the attorney will send a "letter of representation" to the insurance company or person / company responsible for the incident.

Many clients receive significant medical treatment for the injuries they have sustained. This includes physical therapy, pain management treatment, epidural steroid injections, and surgery. Generally, the longer a client receives medical treatment that required injections or surgery is higher the personal injury settlement value.

Paying your bills during your injury case

Legal funding companies provide lawsuit loans to clients who need money to pay their medical bills, surgery cost, or living expenses while they're awaiting claim compensation. With a lawsuit loan, the injured person gets cash now and no monthly payment until the case settles.

When you are finished with your medical treatment, your lawyer will request your medical records from your doctors and providers and then send a “demand package” to the insurance claims adjuster to evaluate your injury case.

Waiting for your case to settle

The attorney and claims adjuster for the insurance company or corporation may try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. If both parties are unable to reach a compromise, your lawyer will probably bring a legal claim in court by filing a lawsuit against the tortfeasors.

Personal injury cases don’t settle quickly. If your lawsuit is taking a long time to settle and you need cash today, contact Red Fox Funding for lawsuit advancement on the settlement money you’re entitled to get from a settled case as financial compensation for your pain and suffering.



Lawsuit loans are not a loan but rather risk-free cash advances for injured people in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit or claim. Banks give loans to borrowers based on their credit score. On the contrary, lawsuit lenders provide funding for settlements based on the facts of the pending case.

One of the basic eligibility requirements to apply for pre lawsuit settlement funding is having an attorney. Plaintiffs are only able to borrow money from a pending lawsuit if they’ve hired a lawyer and currently have legal representation representing them in the injury claim.

If you have an attorney who will cooperate in the pre-settlement funding process, then go ahead any apply for a lawsuit loan.

If you’re a surviving spouse or family member involved in a wrongful death lawsuit, you may qualify for lawsuit funding for a cash advance against your wrongful death claim. The stages of a negligence case can be difficult. But a lawsuit loan helps you borrow money from your pending case.

If you need a settlement loan while waiting on the money from a workers compensation claim, our lawsuit funding company provides cash advance for workers compensation case. Getting a workers’ comp settlement loan is based on the injuries you suffered in an accident at work and the medical treatment you are receiving for your workplace injuries.

At Red Fox Lawsuit Funding, the requirements for qualifying for lawsuit loans and cash advances are pretty straightforward. Our company can consider your injury case for funding if you meet the minimum eligibility qualifications for financial help before your case settles.

These standards are: You must be 18 years of age of older, have an attorney who is willing to cooperate in this quick underwriting process, and have a claim pending in an area where our financial institution can advance lawsuit loans for qualified cases.

When you take out a lawsuit settlement advance from a reputable legal funding provider, you are not required to pay any fees upfront or costs out of your pocket. A lawsuit advancement is a no-risk financial product that puts money in your hands without you paying anything upfront.

People who borrow money from a pending lawsuit are not restricted in how they spend the lawsuit cash advance. Lawsuit funding companies do not place any restrictions on how borrowers use the advancement. You can pay your mortgage payments, auto loan payments, rent, or anything you and your family needs to avoid a financial crisis.

Once your application for lawsuit funding has been approved and you and your attorney both sign the agreement, you will have three options of receiving the cash advance. 1. A check is mailed to your residence by overnight delivery. 2. The money is sent to your checking account by bank transfer. 3. The cash is sent by wire through Western Union.

At Red Fox, our pre-settlement funding company specializes in advancing lawsuit funding fast to victims seeking fast cash for injury cases. In just 3 simple steps, you can have a lawsuit loan from $1,000 in 24 hours. In some situations, we can even provide lawsuit loans same day for faster funding.

If you’re ready to get started with the lawsuit funding process and secure a cash advance against your lawsuit settlement up to $100,000, start by telling us a little about your pending case. To begin, all you have to do is fill out the application below or call us at (888) 475-8027 to speak with a funding specialist who can answer your questions and take an application right over the phone.

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