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Lawsuit funding best rates for injury cases

We understand the financial struggles personal injury plaintiffs face after getting seriously injured. Serious bodily injuries can have life altering effects.

Lawsuit plaintiffs are often unable to return to work or placed on modified or light duty after suffering significant injuries. Work restrictions often times result in a reduction in income, which makes it difficult for claimants to take care of themselves and their loved ones. It's well documented that financial stress can be emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing.

When your bills are starting to pile up and you don't have the funds necessary to pay your expenses or other obligations, you can begin to feel a heavy burden and pressure.

Falling on hard time during the litigation process is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. According to a report in CNN Money, 60% of people living in America don't have enough money in their savings to cover a $500 or $1,000 unplanned expense.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding products such as lawsuit loans, accident cash advances, insurance settlement loans, and lawsuit advances are designed to provide financial relief to plaintiffs who are experience dire financial hardship and urgently need financial assistance while for their lawsuit settlement money.

Although lawsuit settlement funding have saved tens of thousands of plaintiffs from devastating consequences, lawsuit loans can be very expensive if you choose to work with the wrong lawsuit funding company.

Finding a professional lawsuit lender providing lawsuit funding best rates to plaintiffs can be time consuming but it's time well spent. Going with the wrong lawsuit funding can cost your thousands of dollars in the end! A savvy client will take the time to find out more about how they can save money by working with a funding company with low interest lawsuit funding.

In this article, we'll give you the secrets to finding the best lawsuit funding companies with low rates and the best contract terms.

What You Will Learn

  • The 3 main qualities of a "scam" lawsuit funding company
  • The cost of getting funding for your lawsuit
  • The 3 main qualities to look for in getting a fair rate lawsuit loan
  • How to get lawsuit funding fast


Researching Lawsuit Funding for the Best Rates

If you search the internet right now for the best lawsuit funding companies, you will get a lot of search results for that term.

Furthermore, you'll find many of those lawsuit funding companies claiming to offer low rates and best terms. But the truth is that plaintiffs who end up borrowing from those lenders often end up paying significantly more than they have to.

We've seen big and small legal funding companies, even "reputable" ones, charge excessively high lawsuit funding interest rates to injury victims who were struggling financially during the long litigation process.

These are three main qualities to look for in a "scam" lawsuit funding is the following:

  1. Lack of transparency: Lawsuit funding companies should disclose accurate and truthful rates to potential customers. Those that try to hide or evade disclosure of the terms of the advance are probably doing so because they charge high rates lawsuit advances. If company refuses to tell you their rates in a prompt, clear, and straightforward manner, you should think twice about whether it's in your best interest proceeding with the application.
  2. Paid Ads: There's nothing wrong with a legitimate company paying for ad placement. However, adverting whether on the television, in print, or over the internet can be very costly. Those forms of marketing can quickly add up. Some companies, whether they tell you or not, pass on the cost of advertising to the customers in the forms of higher rates, fees, and unfavorable legal funding terms. We recommended customers not choose or click on "ads" over the internet to avoid paying for a company's marketing campaign.
  3. Unrealistic Rates: Although most companies providing pre settlement lawsuit funding products are honest and forthright, there are a few "bad applies" that have unhealthy and unethical business practices. These bad characters lure potential customers with dishonest advertising and false promises of offering the best terms. Companies doing this can be difficult to spot in the very begging but if the advertised rate seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Good pre-settlement lawsuit funding rates are typically should between 2.75% and 3.25%. If a company is advertising pre-settlement rates of 1 ½%, you should definitely consider moving on to another funding company.

Don't allow unethical lawsuit funding companies to lure you with offerings of unrealistically low rates.


Lawsuit Loans vs Traditional Bank Loans

A lawsuit loan is a great financial option for people who desperately need to borrow money from a lawsuit because of an emergency or to stay afloat during the litigation process. However, as responsible lenders, we believe lawsuit loans are not for every case and not every client.

Lawsuit loans are risk-free cash advances for injury victims with pending claims. We call our lawsuit funding products "risk-free" for a few reasons:

  • There's no credit check
  • No Employment requirements
  • $1,000 to $350,000 lawsuit advance
  • Next Day cash
  • Hassle-Free lawsuit lending
  • Easy Approval
  • Simply Process
  • No Fee to apply
  • No Job requirements
  • No Monthly payments
  • No Risk to plaintiffs. If you lose your case or don't win, you owe nothing!

While lawsuit loans have numerous benefits for plaintiffs, we believe lawsuit funding companies should ensure they do not advance too much money and that they charge fair rates to avoid complicating matters.

When a legal funding company advances money to a client, that company is assuming a significant amount of risk. Bank can minimize their risk by performing due diligence in making sure the applicant has the financial means and ability to pay back the loan. However, unlike a bank, funding companies do not perform credit checks and do not investigate an applicant's financial profile.

Because of the degree of risk involved in lawsuit lending, the lawsuit funding rates are generally higher than what a prime bank could offer.

For this reason, lawsuit funding should be a service of last resort of accident victims. Thus, if a plaintiff has good credit or real estate, he / she may want to consider getting a loan from a bank.

However, if you only option is getting advance lawsuit funding, then a savvy client should choose to work with a financial institution that is transparent and committed to helping injury victims with responsible lending.


The Best Rates for Personal Injury Lawsuit Plaintiffs

You only get one bite of the apple so make sure you choose to work with the best lawsuit funding in the industry the first time around.

BEST RATES: Always look for lawsuit funding companies with low rates and clear and transparent term. Although you should not expect a lawsuit loans rate to be as low as a prime rate from a bank, you should expect a fair rate that's directly correlated to the level of risk in your case. Thus, you should expect to get a lower rate on a "preferred case" that has a lower risk. Additionally, avoid doing business with companies that do not tell you their rates when asked and those that charge rates greater than 3.25%. If you have an unsettled claim and a company is quoting or offering you a pre settlement rate more than 3.25%, you should probably move on to another lender.

These are three main qualities to look for when searching for a professional lawsuit funding with the best rates:

  • Rate Disclosure: Companies that are proud of their rates and have nothing to hide will gladly tell you their lawsuit funding rates.
  • Easy to Understand Terms: A lawsuit funding professional should take the time to explain the funding process and detail the rates and fees associated with the cash advance. Furthermore, the funding agreement should be written in clear and easy to read language. It should list the costs associated the transaction.
  • Fair Rates: Competitive pre-settlement funding rates are typically from 2.75% to 3.25%


Fair rate pre settlement lawsuit funding companies like Red Fox Lawsuit Funding offers injury victims very competitive and reasonable interest rates.

We offer pre-settlement lawsuit funding interest rates between 2.75% to 3.25%. The rate we charge is based upon the fact and circumstance surrounding your case. Your credit score and financial profile are not considered in the underwriting process.

We're not here to take advantage of your present financial situation. Rather, our genuine care for your well-being is why our interest rates are so reasonable and our terms are transparent.

As a full-service personal injury lawsuit funding, we can advance lawsuit funding on most injury claims such as:

We also offer competitive rates lawsuit cash advances on wrongful death claims, workers compensation settlements and product liability litigation.

If you are experiencing money problems while going through the lawsuit process, we can advance lawsuit funding in as little as 24 hours.




National Legal Funding Company

We are authorized to offer lawsuit advances against injury claims in more than 40 states nationwide.

Some of the states where we routinely provide lawsuit loans are:

  • Alabama injury lawsuit
  • Arizona injury lawsuit
  • California injury lawsuit
  • Connecticut injury lawsuit
  • Georgia injury lawsuit
  • Indiana injury lawsuit
  • Kansas injury lawsuit
  • Louisiana injury lawsuit
  • Michigan injury lawsuit
  • Mississippi injury lawsuit
  • Missouri injury lawsuit
  • Montana injury lawsuit
  • Nevada injury lawsuit
  • New Jersey injury lawsuit
  • New York injury lawsuit
  • North Dakota injury lawsuit
  • Ohio injury lawsuit
  • Rhode Island injury lawsuit
  • Washington injury lawsuit
  • West Virginia injury lawsuit
  • Wyoming injury lawsuit
  • Minnesota injury lawsuit
  • and more


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