Lawsuit Funding Loans

Lawsuit Funding Loans

Are you looking for a cash loan based on a lawsuit? Lawsuit funding loans are available right now to injury victims with accident claims, wrongful death lawsuits, and personal injury cases. Red Fox Lawsuit Funding can get you a lawsuit funding loan ranging from $1,000 to $350,000 within 24 hours! There's No Credit Check, No Out-of-Pocket Costs, & No Fee to Apply, ever!

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Suffering bodily injuries can be physically, emotionally, and financially straining. It's bad enough you got hurt because of someone else's negligence, but now you're stressing out because you don't have the money necessary to pay your bills and take care of your financial obligations. Fortunately, financial assistance is available for seriously injured accident victims and plaintiffs. It's called lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit funding, sometimes called lawsuit loans, provides plaintiff relief from money worries and financial hardships by advancing instant cash to plaintiffs and accident victims with injury claims.

Our lawsuit funding solutions have saved thousands of injury victims from low-ball lawsuit settlements and financial disaster such as eviction, vehicle repossession, ruined credit, utility shut-off, phone service suspension, bill collection calls, foreclosure proceeding, and more.

Lawsuit loans are not traditional loan. Unlike a loan from a bank or credit union, you do not need to have good credit or be gainfully employed to get a loan on your lawsuit.

That's because the lawsuit funding loans we provide to accident victims are cash advances against lawsuits, not bank loans. Therefore, we don't pull your credit report or inquire about your income since your personal financial history has nothing to do with our lawsuit funding underwriting process.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is recognized by personal injury law firms across American as one of the best lawsuit funding companies for savvy clients looking for professional lawsuit lenders offering lawsuit funding fast, fair interest rates, easy approval, and the best lawsuit funding loans terms in the industry.

We advance lawsuit funding loans for a wide range of civil claims. From loans on car accident settlements, medical malpractice lawsuit funding loans, slip and fall lawsuit loans, wrongful death lawsuit funding, and class action lawsuit loans, we provide lawsuit loans for most accident claims and personal injury lawsuits.

Don't wait any longer to get the help you deserve. If your injury is causing you to lose income and you're struggling to make ends meet, your financial situation may get much worse before your lawyer settles your case or wins an award from the insurance company or defendant.

We have the financial resources to get you lawsuit funding capital from $1,000 to $350,000 within 24 hours so you can avoid financial disaster while you're waiting for your case to settle.

To get started, all you have to do is fill out the short lawsuit settlement funding application on this page or call us toll-free to speak with a friendly and experienced lawsuit funding specialist, 1-888-475-8027.




Lawsuit Funding Loans Definition

The definition of lawsuit funding loans:

A lawsuit funding loan is a no-risk cash advance from a lawsuit lender to an individual expecting to receive money from a future lawsuit settlement.

Although a lawsuit loan may seem similar to a conventional loan one would typically get from a bank, these two types of financial products are nothing alike. Lawsuit loans and traditional financing from a credit union are fundamentally different.

For example, lawsuit funding loans are provided to injury victims on a non-recourse basis. When a plaintiff takes out a lawsuit loan from a lawsuit settlement funding company, that plaintiff receives a non-recourse (risk-free) advance against his / her case.

Non-recourse borrowing against a lawsuit essentially means that the plaintiff is not personally responsible for paying back the lawsuit advance if his / her attorney does not win a settlement, verdict, award, or judgment from the insurance company of defendant.

What that means to you is the funding company is not allowed to come after you personally for repayment of the lawsuit cash advance if the case is not successful.

Thus, unlike a bank loan where you are responsible for repaying a loan regardless of your circumstances, you are not responsible for paying back the lawsuit funds if your attorney does not settle the claim or recover money from the injury case.

Pay back the lawsuit funding loan only if your attorney wins, settles, or recovers money from your case. If you lose, you don't own a penny!


Benefits of Lawsuit Loans from Red Fox Funding

Waiting for your lawsuit to settle after sustaining serious bodily injury can quickly change your financial situation. Fortunately, lawsuit funding can help you stay financially afloat, allowing you to pay your bills and other living expenses while you wait for your claim to settle.

However, in addition to helping injury victims make ends meet and avoid financial catastrophe, lawsuit loans are empowering to plaintiffs who are fighting for justice and fair compensation.

Lawsuit funding loans can help to level the playing field by empowering plaintiffs in their fight to recover fair compensation.

Although the legal system should be fair and balanced, insurance companies and corporate entities usually have the upper hand.

They have time and money on their side. That's because insurance companies and large corporations have the power and money to hired the best lawyers and experts to help them defend and litigate cases.

Corporate companies benefit from "delaying, denying, and defending" injury claim. That how they maximize profit.

They know that when lawsuits drag out this causes tremendous financial strains on plaintiffs. This is the tactic they use to force you into settling your case for a low-ball offer.

However, a lawsuit loan can relieve that pressure to settle prematurely and give you and your attorney the time needed to negotiate a better settlement or prepare your case for trial if the defendant or insurance company is unwilling to make a fair settlement offer.

Discover the benefit of a lawsuit loan from Red Fox Lawsuit Funding:

  • Fast lawsuit funds for you
  • No credit check
  • No out-of-pocket fees
  • No employment requirements
  • No-risk lawsuit borrowing
  • No up-front fees
  • No interference in your case
  • Pay back only if you settle, win, or the claim is paid


Lawsuit Funding Fast: How long does it take?

Red Fox Funding provides lawsuit funding fast, very fast.

We know you're going through a lot right now. That's why we have streamlined our legal funding underwriting process to make getting a lawsuit loan fast and easy.

Because we have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable underwriters in the industry, we can underwrite and advance lawsuit funding within 24 hours.




How Lawsuit Funding Works: The process to getting a lawsuit loan

We respect and appreciate your time. That's why we have a straightforward 5-step lawsuit funding process.

We start by listening to your situation and processing that information with your injury lawyer.

Within 24 hours, we’ll reach a decision and let you know how much money you can borrow.

Upon approval, we get the money to you quickly by sending the funds same day.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding makes getting pre settlement loans fast quick and easy. The 5-steps to getting lawsuit loans approval:

  1. APPLY: Fill out the application on the page or call us at 1-888-475-8027.
  2. CONTACT: We work with you and your law firm. After we receive your funding application, a lawsuit funding specialist will contact you and your attorney for some additional details about your case.
  3. UNDERWRITING: One of our lawsuit funding underwriters will quickly evaluate your case to determine how much money you can borrow from your lawsuit.
  4. APPROVAL: We will fax or email the legal funding agreement to you and your attorney to review and sign.
  5. YOU HAVE THE MONEY: Once we get back the signed funding agreement from you and your lawyer, the money will be sent to you! You can receive the funds by FedEx® overnight mail, Western Union®, or bank transfer into your checking account -- the choice is yours!




Lawsuit Funding Capital: How much money can I borrow from my lawsuit?

Red Fox can offer injury victims lawsuit funding capital ranging from $1,000 to $350,000.

The "stronger" the merits of a claim, the higher the chances of approval. Additionally, the amount of money a plaintiff can borrow from a lawsuit depends on the "strength" of your case.

No two cases are exactly alike. Therefore, since each and every claim is unique, our lawsuit funding underwriters will look at the specific facts and circumstances of a case.

Our underwriters look at 4 elements when evaluating cases for lawsuit funding capital:

  1. LIABILITY: The liability phase of underwriting process involves determining and confirming that another person or business is at-fault or responsible for the incident and to what degree. If the information we receive reflects that the injury victims is not liable for the incident and that another party was negligent, then the underwriter can move on to injury & treatment (damages).
  2. INJURY: If you have a personal injury or workers compensation claim, you must have sustained some type of injury to qualify for a lawsuit loan. We will speak to you and your attorney to determine the extent of the injury diagnosed by your physician.
  3. TREATMENT: The injuries you sustained and the type of medical treatment you received will help our underwriter determine if you can borrow money from your settlement. Medical treatment can consist of physical therapy, chiropractic care from a chiropractor, pain management injections such as epidural steroid injections, and surgery. Typically, injuries requiring significant treatment can generally warrant a larger lawsuit funding capital investment, if there is sufficient insurance coverage.
  4. CAUSATION: The underwriter will evaluate the case to make sure that the injuries and medical treatment alleged are causally related to the subject incident.
  5. INSURANCE: An underwriter's due diligence includes confirming there's valid and collectible bodily injury insurance coverage and / or UM / UIM coverage. This would include obtaining the applicable policy limits and making sure there's ample insurance coverage. However, if the responsible party is a self-insured entity, the underwriter should make sure the party has the financial means of paying the claim or satisfying a verdict, judgment, or award.


Cases Eligible for Lawsuit Funding Loans

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding offers lawsuit cash advances on a wide range of injury cases.

Our pre settlement funding underwriters have extensive experience funding lawsuits for most liability claims, workers compensation claims, and negligence claims.

These are some of the more popular lawsuit funding loans requested by clients:




Lawsuit Funding for Injury Claims

The type of injury you sustained as well as the course of your medical treatment plays an important role in determining how much funding you can get.

Our underwriters have significant experience evaluating personal injury cases, wrongful death lawsuits, and workers comp claims.

While some lawsuit funding companies only advance lawsuit settlement funding for significant injury claims involving surgical procedure or broken bones, we also offer soft tissue injury lawsuit funding for strains, sprains, and whiplash injuries.

These are the most common types of injury claims warranting settlement funding review from one of our underwriters:

  • Neck Injury - Common diagnosis: herniated disc, bulging disc, & cervical annular tear.
  • Fracture Injury
  • Shoulder Injury - Common disgnosis: Rotator cuff tear, SLAPP tear, & collarbone (clavicle) fracture.
  • TMJ Injury
  • Ankle Injury
  • Leg Injury
  • Hand Injury
  • Wrist Injury
  • Knee Injury - Common diagnosis: Torn meniscus, ligament tear, fractured kneecap, kneecap dislocation, & anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Laceration Injury
  • Soft Tissue Injury
  • Burn Injury
  • Disfigurement Injury
  • Back injury - Common diagnosis: Disc bulge, disc herniation, & lumbar annular tear.
  • Amputation Injury
  • Spinal Injury
  • Fatality / Wrongful Death


National Lawsuit Funding

Don't let money problems force you into settling your case prematurely for pennies on the dollar.

Get all the money you deserve for the pain and suffering you have endured and will probably have to live with for the rest of your life. Lawsuit funding loans can help you in your quest for civil justice.

Lawsuit loans are designed to empower accident victims to continue fighting the insurance company for fair compensation.

Red Fox has provided financial assistance to victims throughout the United States. We are a national lawsuit funding company, authorized to advanced lawsuit funding to victims nationwide.

No matter what type of injury case you have pending, the injury you suffered, or the states you reside in, call Red Fox today to discuss your lawsuit funding solutions.

Although we provide funding for lawsuits across America, the majority of applications for lawsuit funding loans come from the following states:

  • Arizona lawsuit loans
  • California lawsuit loans
  • Connecticut lawsuit loans
  • Delaware lawsuit loans
  • Georgia lawsuit loans
  • Indiana lawsuit loans
  • Iowa lawsuit loans
  • Kansas lawsuit loans
  • Louisiana lawsuit loans
  • Michigan lawsuit loans
  • Minnesota lawsuit loans
  • Mississippi lawsuit loans
  • Missouri lawsuit loans
  • Montana lawsuit loans
  • Nevada lawsuit loans
  • New York lawsuit loans
  • New Jersey lawsuit loans
  • North Dakota lawsuit loans
  • Rhode Island lawsuit loans
  • South Dakota lawsuit loans
  • Texas lawsuit loans
  • Utah lawsuit loans
  • Virginia lawsuit loans
  • Washington lawsuit loans
  • West Virginia lawsuit loans
  • Wyoming lawsuit loans

At this time, we are unfortunately unable to provide lawsuit funding loans to plaintiffs with cases pending in AK, KY, MD, NC, SC, and OK.


Lawsuit Funding Fast: Get a Lawsuit funding loan in 24 Hours

You don't have to suffer financially while you are waiting to receive your lawsuit money. Get a lawsuit loan on the money you are expecting from your settlement today.

Red Fox Funding has a team of lawsuit funding professionals ready to assist you.

We will give you the respect and attention you deserve. When you work with our lawsuit funding company, you can expect to receive fast approval, low interest lawsuit funding, professional service, and some of the best terms in the industry.

Our process is quick and simple because we know your time is precious.

The first step in getting a fast lawsuit cash advance from Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is filling out the short online application form on this page.

As soon as we get your online application, we can move forward and contact your law firm for some additional information about your pending injury claim.

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Thanks to all the law firms and clients throughout the United States for helping to make Red Fox the best choice in legal funding.

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Cheryl A.

I want to submit this review to let the management team at Red Fox Funding know how great Andrea was in how she treated me and processed my application. She was not only helpful and friendly but she took the time to listen to me and make sure the process went quickly and smoothly. I’ve been going through a hard situation because of the car accident I had with an 18 wheeler truck. This accident has affected me both physically and emotionally. I'm not even back to work yet. But without the help of your lawsuit loan company, it would have been very difficult for me to continue with my lawsuit. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend your company to friends and family. Thank you for so much for the lawsuit loan.

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Lawsuit Funding Loans Nationwide

Lawsuit Funding Loans

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is a nationwide lawsuit funding company based out of New York State, offering pre-settlement funding and post settlement funding solutions to personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs and accident victims who have been seriously hurt. We specialize in lawsuit loans for personal injury cases, workmans comp claims, premises liability lawsuits, motor vehicle accident claims, and defective products litigation. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have been trusted by personal injury attorneys and clients throughout the United States.

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