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Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding

Are you looking for a cash advance for your car accident settlement? If you have an auto accident attorney and you're expecting to receive money from a car accident settlement, Red Fox Lawsuit Funding can get you a lawsuit loan on your car accident lawsuit settlement today. We provide no credit check auto accident lawsuit funding from $1,000 to $350,000.

Auto accident personal injury claims can take a long time to settle and come to a final resolution. Although insurance companies have an ethical and legal duty to act in good faith and pay legitimate claims promptly, many insurance companies drag their feet to avoid paying valid claims.

However, while the insurance claims adjuster is taking his / her sweet time to make a fair settlement offer, you are suffering financially and having difficulty making ends meet.

It's not uncommon for car accident victims to experience money worries and financial hardships while they are going through the settlement process and waiting for the money from their settlements.

A serious auto accident can change someone's life forever. In the blink of an eye, a negligent or reckless driver of a motor vehicle can cause serious injury, even death, to another motorist, passenger, or pedestrian.

In addition to being physically and emotionally devastating, serious car accident injuries can lead to financial strain and disaster. That's because catastrophic accidents can result in plaintiffs sustaining serious, debilitating, and permanent injury. Plaintiffs who suffer serious bodily injury are often unable to return to work leading to mounting bills and insufficient income.

Unfortunately, injury victims are often unable to turn to banks or credit unions for financial assistance.

Auto accident lawsuit funding was specifically created to address the needs of car accident victims who desperately need financial assistance after their car accident.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding provides financial help for car accident victims who have been seriously injured due to negligent drivers of motor vehicles.

If you got hurt in an automobile accident that's was not your fault and you have a car accident lawyer representing you in an insurance claim to recover compensation, we can get you auto accident lawsuit funding ranging from $1,000 to $350,000 today.

Car accident lawsuit funding is a cash advance program for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians need to borrow money from a lawsuit settlement they are expecting in the future.

There's no credit check, no out-of-pocket costs, no fees to apply, no income and employment requirements, and no-risk!

That's correct, car accident lawsuit loans are risk-free to borrowers. The injury victim has no up-front costs to bear, no monthly payments to make, and is only obligated to pay back the car accident cash advance if and when the case is settled and the attorney receives the settlement check from the insurance company or defendant.

Thus, if the car accident claim does not settle or if the accident victim should lose the case, he /she is not required to repay the auto accident loan.

Auto accident lawsuit funding can help car accident victims stay afloat, make ends meet, and avoid financial disaster while they are going through the auto accident insurance claims process. Red Fox Lawsuit Funding can advance lawsuit funding fast while you are waiting for the money from your lawsuit settlements. There's no credit check, no fees to apply, no monthly, and no risk!

Car Accident Loans Funding

We have a very simple and straightforward lawsuit funding underwriting process.

To get approved for car accident lawsuit funding from $1,000 to $350,000 today, all you have to do is put in your funding request.

You can put in your funding request by filling out the online legal funding application on this page or calling us at 1-888-475-8027 to speak with a friendly and experienced personal injury lawsuit funding specialist in our funding department.

Once we get your application, we'll take it from there. One of our lawsuit funding underwriters will call your attorney to obtains some additional information about your auto accident claim.




Pre Settlement Loans for Auto Accidents

What is auto accident lawsuit funding?

Auto accident lawsuit funding is a legal funding process through which car accident victims who are involved in personal injury claims can borrow money from their pending lawsuit settlements. The auto accident lawsuit funding is provided in the form of a non-recourse (no risk) cash advance against an expected or "potential" settlement.

Lawsuit funding companies advance auto accident lawsuit funding to hurt accident victims and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs who need financial assistance while they are going through the settlement process so they can stay afloat and pay their living expenses, rent, medical treatment, auto loan payments, insurance, utility bills, mortgage, child care obligation, and more.

When can I get financial assistance after my car accident?

Injured auto accident victims can call us to request pre settlement loans auto accident whenever they need financial help after a car accident.

Plaintiffs in auto accident cases usually call us for car accident loan funding when they needed funding for lawsuits to pay the rent, car note, a surgical procedure, vehicle repairs, or to purchase a used car.

Your attorney's cooperation and availability is very important in the underwriting process. Before we advance lawsuit funding to a car accident victim, first we will need some additional information from your attorney, such a description of how the auto accident occurred, who is / are the parties responsible for the crash, the injuries, medical treatment, and the name of the auto insurance company and the insurance limits.

A personal injury law firm will usually have the underwriting information we will need to underwrite a case 2 - 3 months after the date of the automobile accident.

Who is eligible to get auto accident lawsuit funding?

Pre settlement loans auto accidents were created to help seriously injured accident victims and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs make ends meet during the litigation process, so they can focus on recovering from their personal injuries and winning fair lawsuit settlements from insurance companies.

Car accident victims who have been seriously hurt and family members who are plaintiffs in wrongful death lawsuits are eligible to get loans on auto accident from Red Fox Funding.

Plaintiffs eligible to get auto accident loans:

  • Not at-fault drivers
  • Negligent-free operators of motor vehicles
  • Passengers
  • Pedestrians
  • Wrongful death lawsuit plaintiffs
  • Family members with legal claims


Auto Accident Loan Advance vs Bank Loans

Lawsuit funding companies such as Red Fox provides non-recourse (no win - no repay) cash advances / settlement loans to car accident victims.

Whether you call it auto accident lawsuit funding, pre settlement loans auto accidents, car accident lawsuit loans, or car accident lawsuit funding, the financing we provide to personal injury plaintiffs are not personal loans. Banks loans and lawsuit settlement loans are two separate and distinctly different financial products.

While banks and credit unions give personal loans based upon an analysis of the borrower's credit score, financial history, income, employment status, and income to debt-ratio, our settlement funding decision is strictly based upon the facts and circumstances of a specific car accident case.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding in a national lawsuit funding. We provide car accident cash advances against pending lawsuit settlement to accident victims who are expecting to receive money from a lawsuit in the future. Although legal funding and bank loans may seem similar, the two financial options are fundamentally different.

The difference between lawsuit funding and personal loans:

  • Red Fox Funding does not perform credit checks. Banks Do!
  • Red Fox Funding does not verify income or employment status. Banks Do!
  • Red Fox Funding does not charge any fees to apply. Bank Do!
  • Red Fox Funding does not require monthly payments. Bank Do!
  • Red Fox Funding advance lawsuit funding to car accident victims based upon our assessment of the merits and "strength" of a case. Banks and credit unions provide personal loans based upon a borrower's personal ability to repay the loan. When you borrow money from a bank or credit union, you are required to repay the money you borrowed under any and all circumstances! However, when you get money from a reputable lawsuit lender such as Red Fox, the borrowing is against the case, not you. Therefore, if you lose the personal injury auto accident claim or don't get a settlement, award, verdict, or judgment, there is no obligation to pay back the lawsuit advance.




Car Accident Loans: Financial assistance after a car accident

Car accident lawsuit funding has saved tens of thousands of car wreck victims from low-ball insurance settlements and financial disaster such as eviction, ruined credit, vehicle repossession, phone service disconnection, utility shut-off, foreclosure proceedings, and more.

At Red Fox, we love the work we’re able to do and we approach every car accident case with the client’s best interest at heart. No other funding company in the industry knows more about loans for car accident settlements than us.

Other companies might offer similar financial products, but no lawsuit lender values client relationships like us. We know the difficulties car accident victims experience after a traumatic traffic collision. That's why we have streamlined our lawsuit funding underwriting process to make getting auto accident lawsuit funding fast and easy.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus, truck or car accident, you may be to get a risk-free cash loan for your car accident settlement today.


Loans on Auto Accident Lawsuits

Red Fox is here to help. When the insurance company is dragging their feet, hoping you take that low-ball auto accident insurance settlement, we can give you the financial tools and resources to continue fighting the defendant for a fair insurance claim settlement.

We have some of the best pre settlement lawsuit funding underwriters on deck ready to review your motor vehicle accident case for a car accident lawsuit loan.

The following the types of motor vehicle accident cases we typically underwrite for the purposes of settlement funding:

  • 18 Wheeler truck accident lawsuit funding
  • Automobile accident lawsuit funding
  • Big rig tractor trailer truck accident lawsuit funding
  • Bicycle accident lawsuit funding
  • Bike accident lawsuit funding
  • Bus accident lawsuit funding
  • Commercial truck accident lawsuit funding
  • Car accident lawsuit funding
  • Hit and Run accident lawsuit funding
  • Lyft accident lawsuit funding
  • Motorcycle accident lawsuit funding
  • Moped accident lawsuit funding
  • Scooter accident lawsuit funding
  • Semi-trailer truck accident lawsuit funding
  • Pedestrian accident lawsuit funding
  • Taxi accident lawsuit funding
  • Uber accident lawsuit funding
  • Uninsured and Underinsured lawsuit funding
  • Wrongful death accident lawsuit funding
  • and more

Negligent driving occurs when an operator of a motor vehicle fails to drive the vehicle in a reasonable, safe, prudent manner pursuant to the vehicle and traffic laws of the state. Research and statistics reveals that negligent driving accounts for the majority of traffic collisions related injuries in the United States.


Auto Accident Cash Advance: Common causes of traffic collisions

Legal liability is the first issue our underwriter will review when review your case for a car accident cash advance. Determining liability answers the question: Who is at fault for the car wreck.

Careless and reckless drivers are the leading cause of traffic related injuries.

These are the most common causes of traffic collision in America:

 SPEEDING & EXCEEDING THE SPEED LIMIT: Traveling too fast and traveling too fast for the weather conditions can leading to serious accidents causing catastrophic injuries. Speeding increases the risk of a crash and its severity. Research shows that the risk of a crash causing death or injury increases rapidly, even with small increases above the posted speed limit. If you got hurt or a spouse or family member died because of a driver who was speeding, and you need an auto accident loan, give us a call at 1-888-475-8027.

TEXTING WHILE DRIVING: It's estimated that 9 Americans are killed every day from motor vehicle accidents involving distracted driving, such as using a cellphone, texting and eating. There were approximately 341,000 motor vehicle crashes that involved texting. Red Fox specializes in loans against auto accident settlements. Call 1-888-475-8027.

DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED (DWI): Driving under the influence or alcohol or other drugs is not only a crime but a safety hazard to other motorist, passengers, and pedestrians. Driving under the influence (DUI), driving while impaired/driving while intoxicated (DWI), and drinking and driving can lead to death, loss of limb, and permanent and life-altering injuries. If you need DUI auto accident lawsuit funding, we are here to help you. Call 1-888-475-8027.

IMPROPER TURN / TURNING IMPROPERLY: According to a report by The Society of Automotive Engineers, nearly half of all drivers either don't signal to change lanes or fail to turn the indicator off if they do. While failure to signal, improper turning, and unsafe lane changing cause a significant number of auto accidents. Nationwide, neglected or improper turn signals cause 2 million car accidents. If you need lawsuit funding for your car accident case, call Red Fox Lawsuit for our car accident lawsuit loans, 1-888-475-8027.

DRIVER FATIGUE: Fatigue is a normal result of working, mental stress, overstimulation and understimulation, jet lag, depression, boredom, disease, and lack of sleep. Knowing operating a motor vehicle while deprived of sleep is a criminal offense in some jurisdictions. It only takes a split second of nodding off for a crash to occur, and when the sleep deprived driver is operating a bigger vehicle like an SUV, van, or semi, the injured person is likely to suffer severe injuries. Sleep deprived drivers can also be held civilly liable for cause death or injury to another person.

FAILING TO YIELD THE RIGHT-OF-WAY: Disobeying a red traffic light, not stopping at a stop sign, and neglecting to stop for oncoming pedestrian when turning left are examples of a driver not yielding to other drivers and pedestrians. Some drivers operate as if they always have the right of way. However, all drivers have a duty to obey the rules of the road in order to avoid harm to others. This includes following rules about yielding to other drivers. Failure to yield the right of way when required by law can lead to serious injuries.

DISTRACTED DRIVER: Using a cell phone behind the wheel falls under driver distraction. But the risk of driver distraction has increased as smartphones and other portable electronic devices have become more advanced. Drivers who use their phone to text message, take or send photos while driving, check emails, or post on social media sites are all likely to take longer to react to road obstacles than other drivers. That's why so many rear-end accidents and head-on crashes in recent years have been linked to texting and driving. Other types of driver distraction include: Eating and drinking; Talking to passengers; Using a navigation system; Watching a video; and Adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player. If your personal injury lawsuit is dragging out and you desperately need money now to pay bills, make ends meet, or avoid financial disaster, our auto accident lawsuit funding program may be your best lawsuit funding solutions.

TAILGATING: "Tailgating” or following too closely is risky and can lead to rear-end collisions or other car crashes. When drivers tailgate, they significantly reduce their stopping distance, the distance needed to come to a complete and safe stop. What many drivers don’t realize is that stopping distance is directly proportional to the size and weight of the vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rear-end collisions account for approximately 23% of all motor vehicle crashes, resulting in approximately 2,000 deaths and 950,000 injuries. If you have suffered serious injuries and need a cash loan on your car accident settlement, we can help you. Red Fox Funding provides loans for car accident victims fast.

Operators of motor vehicles are not the only culprits. Poor vehicle maintenance, improper repairs, neglecting to perform scheduled and necessary maintenance, and mechanical malfunction by automobile manufacturers can also cause car crashes.

To help victims of driver negligence, we provide low interest lawsuit funding to personal injury plaintiffs who have been seriously injured and need cash before your settlement.




Types of Auto Accident and Truck Wreck Cases We Fund

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding can get you an accident loan advance from $1,000 to $350,000 within 24 hours.

We provide easy lawsuit funding for car accident negligence cases, manufacturer liability, and

We handle a variety of personal injury cases resulting for motor vehicle collisions, including those stemming from:

  • Reckless driving;
  • Rear-end collisions;
  • Broadside collision;
  • T-bone accidents;
  • Drunk driving;
  • Distracted driving collisions;
  • Head-on collisions;
  • Negligence;
  • Rollover accidents;
  • Unsafe U-turn collision;
  • Multi-vehicle crashes; and
  • Sideswipe collisions


Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding for Injured Car Crash Victims

2016 was the deadliest year on American roads in nearly a decade. The National Safety Council estimates that almost 40,000 died in motor vehicle crashes in 2016. That's translates to a 6% increase from 2015.

Auto accidents are a leading cause of injuries. Over 5.6 million car accidents were reported in the United States. Of these, 1.715 million involved other injuries. The damage they leave behind can be immense.

Auto accidents can cause many different injuries, to virtually any part of your body, depending on the circumstances of the crash and the severity of the impact.

Our lawsuit funding underwriters have experience handling all types of traffic collisions and bodily injury claims.

These are the injuries we typically find in auto accident claim we fund:

  • Neck injury, such as a herniated disc, whiplash, bulging disc, & annular cervical tear. Car accident victims who suffering neck injuries usually go through a course of physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, manipulation under anesthesia, trigger point injections pain injections such as epidural steroid injections or nerve block injections, and/or anterior cervical discectomy, laminectomy, or cervical spinal fusion.
  • Traumatic brain injury, such as trauma to the brain during an automobile accident when the skull strikes an object such as a steering wheel or windshield. There may or may not be an open wound to the skull due to the accident, however in automobile accidents, the skull may not necessarily need to have been penetrated or fractured for a traumatic brain injury to occur. 
  • Ankle injury, such as lateral malleolus and fibular fractures that may require open reduction internal fixation surgery.
  • Facial injury, such as any physical trauma to the face. Facial trauma can involve soft tissue injuries such as burns, lacerations and bruises, or fractures of the facial bones such as nasal fractures and fractures of the jaw, as well as trauma such as eye injuries.
  • Shoulder injury, such as rotator cuff tear, requiring arthroscopic surgery for rotator cuff repair.
  • Leg injury, such as a comminuted femur fracture.
  • Broken Bone, such as a fracture to a bone in the body. Commonly broken bones that occur from car injuries are: Broken arms; Collarbone; Ankle; Foot; Toe; Hand; Fingers; Leg; Nose; and Jaw.
  • Spinal cord injury, such as whiplash, quadriplegia, paraplegia, disc bulge, and disc burst fracture. A spinal cord injury occurs when an auto accident victim’s cervical (neck), thoracic (chest or mid-back), or lumbar (lower back) spinal cord is injured.
  • Knee injury, such as broken kneecap / patellar fracture, torn meniscus, & patella and fibular head fractures with dislocated joint. Treatment may include physical therapy, cortisone injections, or knee arthroscopy for a torn meniscus.
  • Head injury, such as a traumatic brain injury when the head is stricken, suddenly jerked, or penetrated by a foreign object. The injury can be in the range of mild to severe. During a mild brain injury, the loss of full conscious awareness will persist for a short amount of time. When a severe brain injury is inflicted there will be memory loss or extended unconsciousness for a prolonged period of time after the injury was inflicted.
  • Fracture, such as tibia fracture / tibial shaft fracture, fibula fractures with fibial shaft fractures, stress fractures of the fibula, and femur fracture.
  • Burn injury, such an automobile explosion or car fire. Although fire is relatively rare in auto accidents, when it does occur, the resulting burn injuries are often severe, if not deadly. Burns are classified as first, second or third degree. Second-degree and third-degree burns require immediate medical attention. Burn injuries can cause serious disfigurement that must be repaired with painful skin graft operations. A severe burn injury will require long-term care, possibly including multiple surgeries, and may still prove fatal from infection or other complications.
  • Back injury, such as lumbar sprains, lower back strain, disc herniation, disc bulge, & annular tears. Car crash victims are usually prescribed a course of physical therapy, chiropractic care, MUA, pain management interventional treatment such as radiofrequency ablation or facet injections. Surgical options may include discectomy, percutaneous discectomy, laminectomy, & spinal fusion. If an accident victim has persistent and severe pain, he / she may be referred to a specialist for spinal cord stimulator, neurostimulation therapy (spinal cord stimulation).
  • Loss of limb, such when any limb or piece of the body is severed, either in an auto accident or in a planned operation. An amputation can be partial or total. Losing a limb can have devastating consequences. People who suffer an amputation or require surgical amputation due to a car accident may need medical care and prosthetics for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, they may be unable to work or return to work in the same capacity.
  • Fatality - Wrongful death is a tragic situation that deprives you of the care and company of your loved one due to the negligence or carelessness of a driver / owner, automobile manufacturer, or other third-party. Losing a loved one in a tragic accident affects the entire family. A wrongful death claim is a civil case in which the survivor(s) of a person killed by another someone else's negligence seek compensation from the wrongdoer.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding provides personal injury loans for car accident injury settlements.

While some lawsuit funding companies only advance lawsuit funding for broken bones injuries and car accident injuries requiring interventional treatment such as epidural steroid injections and surgical procedures, Red Fox gives auto accident loans for soft tissue injuries through our soft-tissue lawsuit funding program.

If you need cash loans for car accidents, give us a call at 1-888-475-8027. The call is toll free and there's no obligation just for applying.


Get a Loan on Car Accident Today: Fast Car Accident Loans

Experience matters in lawsuit funding. You can't afford to waste time working with a company without the requisite experience, commitment, ethics, and resources. When you need pre-settlement lawsuit loans auto accidents, you need to work with the best lawsuit funding companies in business.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is not your average lawsuit lender. When you choose to work with us, you can expect to receive professional customer service, fast processing, best lawsuit funding loans terms, easy approval, and some of the lawsuit funding best rates in the industry. Working with the best, get's you the best!

You owe it to yourself to work with a company with five-star lawsuit funding reviews.

To get started now, all you need to do is take 3 minutes and fill out the online funding application on this page. But, if you rather speak with an experienced, courteous, and helpful lawsuit funding specialist, you can do an application right over the phone by calling our underwriting department toll-free during standard business hours (9 am to 6 pm Eastern Standard Time) by dialing 1-888-475-8027.




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Car Accident Lawsuit Funding

Thanks to all the law firms and clients across America for helping to make Red Fox the first choice for lawsuit funding.

★★★★★ Review 5/5

Heather N.

The whole experience was so much easier than I imagined it would be. You came through for me when I almost gave up hope and had my lawyer settle my car accident claim. My situation was pretty bad. I got rear ended by a drunk driver while sitting at a red light coming home from work. It was a big wreck that left my car totaled. That's when things went from bad to worse. I had surgery, couldn't return to work, and the money in my saving account was almost gone. I asked the lawyer handling my car accident claim if he could give me an advance on my car accident settlement, but he said he wasn't able to do that but he gave me the names of 3 funding companies I could call. That's how I ended up calling your company. I called and spoke with a nice lady name Andrea who took my application over the phone. She was very professional and sweet. I'm very grateful for the help and attention your company gave me.  I'm giving Red Fox Lawsuit Funding 5 stars for a job well done. Thank you soooo much for the help.

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Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding Nationwide

Car Accident Lawsuit Loans

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is a nationwide lawsuit funding company based out of the New York State, specializing pre settlement funding and lawsuit cash advances for injured automobile accident victims with cases pending within the United States. Auto accident loans are designed to level the playing field in the legal system by getting personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs and auto accident victims cash to stay afloat, make ends meet, and win a fair lawsuit settlement from the insurance company or self-insurnce defendant. In fact, the majority of car accident victims use the car accident cash advance to pay their bills, living expenses, child care obligations, medical treatment, and even surgery. 

Here are just a few of the cities and states across America where we offer our lawsuit funding solutions to plaintiffs:

Alabama | Atlanta | Florida | Philadelphia | California | New York | New Hampshire | Texas | Georgia | Missouri | Florida | New Jersey | Michigan | Oregon | Iowa | Arizona | Kansas | Mississippi | Washington | Minnesota | Washington | Nevada | Louisiana | Virginia | Connecticut | Delaware | Ohio | and more

Lawsuit Funding for Surgery

Lawsuit loans for auto accident victims to pay for a surgical procedure and/or medical treatment

Surgery Loans for Auto Accident Victims

Did you know automobile accident victims can get lawsuit cash advances to pay for an operation?

If your doctor has recommended that you undergo surgery, and you want to follow through with having the procedure done, but don't have the money to pay for the surgical procedure out-of-pocket, Red Fox Lawsuit Funding can get you medical funding for surgery to cover the costs and fees of your next operation.

Lawsuit funding for surgery was created for seriously injured car accident victims with personal injury claims who need financial assistance paying for a medical operation, medical treatment, and / or long-term rehabilitation treatment.

Even after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, there are still millions of uninsured Americans. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there were almost 29 million people without health insurance in 2015.

Lawsuit funding for surgery benefits car crash victims who urgently need access to quality health care but are uninsured, don't have sufficient medical coverage, lack health insurance, or have been cut-off from No-fault, PIP, or medical pay (med-pay) auto insurance.

Surgery is expensive. An automobile accident related operation can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $45,000 or more, depending upon the type of procedure and the location where the surgery would occur.

Red Fox Funding can get car accident victims lawsuit funding to pay for most surgical procedures. These are the most requested operations: Arthroscopic surgery; discectomy; fusion; laminectomy; pain injections such epidural steroid injections, nerve block treatment, facet joint injections, & radiofrequency ablation; dental operations; reconstructive surgery; and more.

For more information about our lawsuit funding for surgery program or to apply simply call 1-888-475-8027 or send an email to

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