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Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Professional, Experienced, Committed Nationwide Settlement Funding Company Providing Lawsuit Cash Advances to Injury Victims In The U.S.

What is Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Lawsuit settlement funding can provide instant financial relief to injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs in the United States who are currently pursuing civil action against the wrongdoers.

Lawsuit settlement funding is a non-recourse (no win-no pay) cash advance against a pending lawsuit that is paid back from the proceeds of a future settlement. When a plaintiff takes out lawsuit funding, he / she is not selling or selling off the case. The plaintiffs is simply getting a small portion of the present estimated value of the case to pay bills or handle an experience emergency requiring immediate cash.

It does not matter whether the handling attorney has filed a lawsuit against the tortfeasor or not. A plaintiff can get settlement funding during the pre-litigation phase or after a summons and complaint has been filed and discovery is ongoing. You can even take out a lawsuit loan against your settlement if the case in on appeal!

Lawsuit settlement is a pre-settlement funding program so as long as you have not yet received the money from your lawsuit settlement, you are eligible to get lawsuit funding fast from your case.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding provides no-risk lawsuit loans and settlement funding to lawsuit plaintiffs and injured accident victims who have attorneys.

Our lawsuit settlement funding program offers several benefits to plaintiffs who are currently going through the lawsuit process and searching for legal funding:

  • Lawsuit Cash Advance From $1,000 to $350,000
  • No Credit Check
  • No Up-Front Costs
  • No Job Requirements
  • 24 Hour Lawsuit Funding
  • No-risk (pay back only if you win or settle)
  • Transparent & Straightforward Paperwork
  • Professional & Experienced Team Members
  • Free Telephone Evaluation


Who is Red Fox Funding

Red Fox is an American legal funding company committed to helping personal injury plaintiffs and injured accident victims get financial assistance while they are waiting for their lawsuit settlement money.

Our team knows the litigation process very well. Lawsuit are expensive, time-consuming, and burdensome. We understand that waiting years to get the compensation you deserve can be physically and financially draining. That's why we make borrowing money from your lawsuit easy and fast.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is a nationwide settlement funding company based out of the State of New York, that provides lawsuit loans and settlement funding to lawsuit plaintiffs who have attorney representation. We help injury victims across America who are struggling financially to make ends meet and need help paying their bills, living expenses, and other financial obligations.

We believe no other lawsuit cash advance provider has a more efficient and hassle-free funding process than us. That's probably why each year more and more injured victims turn to Red Fox for their lawsuit settlement funding solutions.


Pre settlement loans company

When faced with mounting bills and insufficient income, many plaintiffs want to borrow money against the proceeds they expect to get from the lawsuit.

Lawsuit loans have saved tens of thousands of plaintiffs from low-ball insurance settlements, eviction, motor vehicle repossession, debt collection calls, and foreclosure proceedings.

The litigation process can be slow, extremely slow. If the litigation process in the United States was anything similar to what we see on the television, civil cases would be over and done within 1 hours. However, that is not how the civil procedure plays out in real life.

Civil cases can take a long time to come to a final disposition for several reasons: The claim may be very complex; The plaintiff may have significant damages; and/or The defendant or insurance company may have defense strategy of vigorously defending civil lawsuits in court. Whatever the reason, a lawsuit dragged out is financially taxing on the plaintiffs.

At Red Fox, we understand a legal claim can take a financial toll on you and your family. That's why we have a streamlined pre settlement lawsuit funding underwriting process to get you money before your settlement in the fastest time.

Pre-settlement funding is the legal finance solution for those people who need cash fast but don't want to settle with insurance company or defendant for pennies on the dollar.


Pre-settlement lawsuit funding services

We provide lawsuit funding solutions for most injury lawsuits. We provide funding for wrongful death lawsuits, personal injury lawsuits, workers compensation cases, product liability lawsuits, motor vehicle accident lawsuits, and bad drug cases, to name just a few.

Our lawsuit settlement funding specifically focuses on third party cases and workers compensation settlement inclusive of but not limited to the following:

  • Automobile accident lawsuit settlement funding
  • Defective medical device lawsuit settlement funding
  • Medical malpractice lawsuit settlement funding
  • Pedestrian accident lawsuit settlement funding
  • Product liability lawsuit settlement funding
  • Pharmaceutical litigation lawsuit settlement funding
  • Slip and fall lawsuit settlement funding
  • Trip and fall lawsuit settlement funding
  • Workers compensation lawsuit settlement funding
  • Wrongful death lawsuit settlement funding

Get the legal funding you desperately need today from one of the nation's best lawsuit funding companies in the U.S.


Best lawsuit settlement funding company

We have helped many plaintiffs who were experiencing dire financial hardships and need financial assistance by getting them no-risk lawsuit loans against their expected settlement.

Red Fox is committed to helping injured accident victims stay afloat during the lengthy settlement process. We deliver excellent client service, fast lawsuit settlement loans, low interest rates, and transparent and fair settlement funding terms. You owe it to yourself to work with a company with five-star lawsuit funding reviews.

To get started, all you need to do is take a moment to fill-out the online application on this page. You can also call us toll-free at 1-888-475-8027 to speak with a live Red Fox representative if you wish.

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Lawsuit Funding Reviews

Lawsuit settlement funding reviews

Thanks to the law firms and clients from all across America for helping to make Red Fox the first choice in settlement funding.

★★★★★ Review 5/5

Barbara L.

The representative I spoke with was very polite, helpful and wanted to help me as quickly as possible. He explained everything clearly and when I was approved for the settlement cash advance the paperwork was sent to me by email within hour. They had the funds in my bank account the next day. I would highly recommend.

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Lawsuit Settlement Funding Nationwide

Lawsuit settlement funding companies

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is a national lawsuit funding company based out of the State of New York, providing pre-settlement lawsuit funding cash advances to injury victims throughout the United States. From Wisconsin to Louisiana, Connecticut to Oregon, we help plaintiffs across America who are suffering financially and need help paying their bills, living expenses, and other financial obligations.

Here are just a few of the cities and states where we offer our lawsuit funding solutions to plaintiffs:

Alabama | Florida | Philadelphia | Los Angeles | Syracuse, New York | Tennessee | Georgia | Jacksonville, Florida | New Jersey | Michigan | California | Iowa | Arizona | Kansas | Washington | Minnesota | And More

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