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Alaska Workers Compensation Settlement Loans

Loans on workers comp cases

Workers Compensation Loans.jpgAlaska workers compensation funding is available today to accident victims who got hurt on the job and have pending injury claims.

If you suffered bodily injury or illness in connection with the duties and responsibilities of your employment and you have an active workers’ compensation claim, Red Fox Lawsuit Funding can help you secure pre settlement loans workers compensation while you're waiting for your workers comp settlement.

Alaska workers compensation insurance typically covers medical treatment from the injury or illness sustained at work, loss of earnings / lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, compensation for any permanent injuries, and benefits to survivors of workers who are killed on the job.

Although workers comp injury victims are entitled to receive wage replacement benefits, they often find out the hard way that lost wage benefits only pays a fraction of what the worker was making prior to the injury.

Facing mounting bills and insufficient income, many worker comp claimants often find themselves experiencing dire financial hardships during the workers compensation claim process.

Alaska workers compensation lawsuit funding was created to help workers compensation claimants avoid financial disaster and stay afloat until they receive their settlement money.

Don't wait until the last minute to get the financial help that's available. Workers compensation loans are available from as low as $1,000 to as high as $350,000.

Best of all, there's not credit check and no out-of-pocket or up-front fees. That's because pre-settlement loans approval is based upon the facts and merits of your workers comp claim and not your credit score or personal ability to pay back the cash advance.

Apply today for a loan against your workers compensation settlement today by filling out the short application form on this webpage or calling us toll-free by dialing 1-888-475-8027.




Pre Settlement Funding Workers Compensation in Alaska

Benefits of Alaska workers comp funding

Settlement loans for worker comp have saved thousands of accident victims from financial disaster such as eviction, vehicle repossession, ruined credit, utility shut-off, and more.

Although the majority of clients use the lawsuit advance to pay their bills and take care of unexpected financial emergencies, you are free to the lawsuit funding for whatever you need.

A workman's compensation cash advance is simply an advance on workers compensation settlement. It should not be confused or characterized as a bank loan or personal loans.

There are primarily 3 reasons why workers compensation lawsuit loans are not classified as traditional loans. 

First, unlike a loan from a creditor such as a bank or credit union, a credit check is not required or performed by a lawsuit settlement funding company.

Second, unlike financing from a credit, the borrower is not personally guaranteeing the settlement cash advance.

Third, the borrower is only obligated to pay back the pre settlement funding if and when the workers compensation claim is settled and the workers comp attorney recovers monetary compensation.

Workers comp pre settlement funding for Alaskans is fast and easy way to borrow cash from an expected settlement

These are just a few of the benefits of getting a loan on workers comp settlement through Red Fox Lawsuit Funding:

No credit check

No out of pocket fees

No up-front costs

No fees to apply


No monthly payments

No income verification

Private & confidential: We only speak with you & your law firm

Fast lawsuit funding

We don't get involved in or take over your case

Professional lawsuit funding

Repay the lawsuit funding loan of you win or settle


Alaska Cash Advance for Workers Comp Claims

Settlement loans for workers comp

We make it easy for Alaskans with work related injury claims to qualify for loans against workers comp settlements.

There are no fees to apply, no long forms, and no employment or income requirements.

Furthermore, there are only 3 basic requirements:

  1. The accident victim suffered injury or illness in the course of his or her employment.
  2. A workers' compensation claim was submitted and accepted.
  3. The injured claimant hired a workman's compensation lawyer.

Workers’ compensation coverage is meant to compensate employees who suffer work-related injuries.

An important aspect of workers' compensation insurance is that a claimant is entitled to coverage no matter who was at fault for the injury. Furthermore, injured employees are precluded from suing his or her employer for the injuries they sustain.




Loans on Workers Comp Cases for Alaska Accident Victim

Underwriting for worker compensation funding


Red Fox lawsuit funding has a simple and straightforward underwriting process. There are only 5 simple steps to getting a pending lawsuit loans:

  1. APPLY: The first step in getting a workman's compensation loan is filling out the legal funding application on this page or calling our office to do an application over the phone by dialing 1-888-475-8027.
  2. ATTORNEY CONTACT: We will the call your law firm to confirm some information and gather some additional data about your workers comp claim.
  3. REVIEW: We have some of the best underwriters who are responsible for lawsuit funding reviews. Once we receive the information from your attorney, we can determine how much money you can borrow against your future settlement.
  4. SIGN: A representative will call and let you know exactly how much money you have been approved. The legal funding agreement will be sent to you by email or fax for you and your attorney to review and sign, then return to us.
  5. CASH: You're done! The cash advance for your workers comp claim is sent directly to you as soon as we get back the signed legal funding agreement. Workers comp funding through Red Fox really is that simple.




Advance on Workers Comp Settlements

These are a few of the benefits available to injured workers under the Alaska Workers' Compensation Act:

  1. Medical treatment
  2. Temporary disability
  3. Permanent partial impairment
  4. Vocational re-employment benefits
  5. Stipend benefits
  6. Permanent total disability benefits
  7. Death benefits


Pre Settlement Loans Workers Compensation

Worker Comp Loans in Alaska

Workers' compensation laws ensure that an employee who is injured as a result of an accident on the job or who contracts a disease as a result of performing his or her job, will receive compensation and medical benefits.

Regardless of your profession or what type of work you do for a living, as long as your workers' comp injury claim has been accepted and you have a workers compensation lawyer handling your case, you are eligible to apply for funding consideration.

We can provide a settlement cash advance for workers comp claimants in Alaska such as:

  • Airport employees
  • Restaurant workers
  • Bus drivers
  • Semi-truck tractor trailers drivers
  • Department store employees
  • Waiters
  • Security guards
  • Salesmen and Saleswomen
  • Fast food employees
  • Construction workers
  • Bartenders
  • Office workers
  • and more





Loans Against Workers Comp Settlements

The type of injury you suffered and the medical treatment you have received thus far weights heavily in the pre settlement funding evaluation process.

Generally speaking, work related injury cases involving significant injuries and extensive and/or invastive medical care can warrant largers settlement loans.

Advance lawsuit funding is available for all types of bodily injuries. Our lawsuit funding underwriters have extensive experience evaluating damages.

These are the most injury types of work-related injuries we fund:

  • Neck injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Ankle injury
  • Carpal tunnel injury
  • Facial injury
  • Shoulder injury
  • Leg injury
  • Burn injury
  • Broken bone
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Knee injury
  • Head injury
  • Injury from defective products / product malfunction
  • Fracture
  • Burn injury
  • Back injury
  • Loss of limb
  • Fatality / Wrongful Death
  • and more

Our professionalism, experience, and commitment is what separate us from the competition. While some lawsuit lenders only advance lawsuit loans to clients who suffered broken bones injuries or had surgery or epidural steroid injections, Red Fox Funding is proud to help clients with soft tissue injuries through our soft tissue lawsuit funding program.


Legal Funding Workers Compensation

Workers comp insurance claim loans

We offer financial help to accident victims throughout the state of Alaska. These are just of few of the areas where we can help a workers comp claimant secure an advance on workers' comp settlement:

  • Adak, AK
  • Anchorage, AK
  • Anderson, AK
  • Fairbanks, AK
  • Juneau, AK
  • Bethel, AK
  • Kodiak, AK
  • Sitka, AK
  • Palmer, AK
  • Soldotna, AK
  • Ketchikan, AK
  • Eagle River, AK
  • Wasilla, AK
  • and more


Apply for Workers Compensation Lawsuit Funding Today

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding has a very easy and efficient lawsuit funding underwriting system that designed to make it fast and hassle-free for injury victims to borrow money from pending lawsuits.

That's probably why we are one of the America's best lawsuit funding companies by plaintiffs looking to get lawsuit loans on workers comp cases.

No other lawsuit lender knows more about loans on workers comp settlement that us. We are committed to putting cash in your hands faster and cheaper than other lawsuit lenders.

Our pre settlement lawsuit funding application only takes about 2 or 3 minutes to complete. And remember, there's no obligation just for applying and the advance on your workers compensation settlement risk for claimants.

To get started now for the Alaska lawsuit funding workers compensation program, all you need to do is fill out our short application form or call our office to speak with an experienced, courteous, and professional settlement cash advance specialist who can take your application right over the phone by dialing 1-888-475-8027.




Lawsuit Funding Reviews

Legal Funding Workers Compensation

We appreciate all the personal injury law firms and clients from all across America for helping to make Red Fox the first choice in lawsuit funding.

★★★★★ Review 5/5

Noah B.

I have to commend your funding company for having such a well operated organization. From beginning to end, your team really made the entire process smooth and easy. All I did on my end was submit my application over the internet which only took me about 2 minutes to finish. But I'm just glad I got the cash advance I needed to handle a few pressing matters going on in my life especially since these comp benefits isn't cutting it. I don't know how they expect people to survive off of what they pay out. Once again, I really appreciate the help and service I received from your organization. Thanks. Noah.

Alaska lawsuit funding



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Alaska Workers' Comp Funding Company

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Red Fox Lawsuit Funding works with workers' compensation lawyers throughout the state of Alaska. If you have been seriously injured in a workplace accident and hired a contingency fee attorney to recover monetary compensation, our workers' compensation lawsuit funding company can get you a cash advance for workers' comp claims within 24 hours.

These a few locations in Alaska where we offer pre settlement loans workers' compensation:

Adak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Akiachak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Akiak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Alakanuk, Alaska workers' comp funding

Anchorage, Alaska workers' comp funding

Anderson, Alaska workers' comp funding

Angoon, Alaska workers' comp funding

Aniak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Badger, Alaska workers' comp funding   

Barrow, Alaska workers' comp funding

Bethel, Alaska workers' comp funding

Big Lake, Alaska workers' comp funding

Buckland, Alaska workers' comp funding

Chefornak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Cooper Landing, Alaska workers' comp funding

Copper Valley, Alaska workers' comp funding

Eagle River, Alaska workers' comp funding 

Eielson AFB, Alaska workers' comp funding

Elim, Alaska workers' comp funding

Fairbanks, Alaska workers' comp funding

Fort Yukon, Alaska workers' comp funding

Knik-Fairview, Alaska workers' comp funding

Gambell, Alaska workers' comp funding

Glennallen, Alaska workers' comp funding

Gustavus, Alaska workers' comp funding

Homer, Alaska workers' comp funding

Hydaburg, Alaska workers' comp funding

Juneau, Alaska workers'' comp funding

Kasigluk, Alaska workers' comp funding

Kasilof, Alaska workers' comp funding

Kenai, Alaska workers' comp funding

Ketchikan, Alaska workers' comp funding

Kiana, Alaska workers' comp funding

King Salmon, Alaska workers' comp funding

Kipnuk, Alaska workers' comp funding

Kivalina, Alaska workers' comp funding

Kodiak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Kongiganak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Kotlik, Alaska workers' comp funding

Kotzebue, Alaska workers' comp funding

Koyuk, Alaska workers' comp funding

Kwigillingok, Alaska workers' comp funding

Lakes, Alaska workers' comp funding

Manokotak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Marshall, Alaska workers' comp funding

McGrath, Alaska workers' comp funding

Napakiak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Napaskiak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Nenana, Alaska workers' comp funding

New Stuyahok, Alaska workers' comp funding

Newtok, Alaska workers' comp funding

Nikiski, Alaska workers' comp funding

Nikolaevsk, Alaska workers' comp funding

Noatak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Nome, Alaska workers' comp funding

Noorvik, Alaska workers' comp funding

Nuiqsut, Alaska workers' comp funding

Nulato, Alaska workers' comp funding

Nunapitchuk, Alaska workers' comp funding

Palmer, Alaska workers' comp funding

Petersburg, Alaska workers' comp funding

Pilot Station, Alaska workers' comp funding

Quinhagak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Russian Mission, Alaska workers' comp funding

Savoonga, Alaska workers' comp funding

Scammon Bay, Alaska workers' comp funding

Seward, Alaska workers' comp funding

Shishmaref, Alaska workers' comp funding

Sitka, Alaska workers' comp funding

Soldotna, Alaska workers' comp funding

Stebbins, Alaska workers' comp funding

Sterling, Alaska workers' comp funding

Tanaina, Alaska workers' comp funding

Tanana, Alaska workers' comp funding

Thorne Bay, Alaska workers' comp funding

Toksook Bay, Alaska workers' comp funding

Trapper Creek, Alaska workers' comp funding

Tuluksak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Tuntutuliak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Tununak, Alaska workers' comp funding

Two Rivers, Alaska workers' comp funding

Unalaska, Alaska workers' comp funding

Valdez, Alaska workers' comp funding

Wainwright, Alaska workers' comp funding

Wasilla, Alaska workers' comp funding

and more!

Nationwide Lawsuit Funding

Workers Comp Pre Settlement Funding in Alaska.png

In addition to offering workers compensation lawsuit funding to Alaska accident victims who got hurt on the job, we also provide financial assistance to personal injury victims and wrongful death lawsuit plaintiffs who need to take out personal injury lawsuit loans and pre-settlement cash advances.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is a national lawsuit funding company committed to helping personal injury victims get the financial help they deserve while they are are going through the litigation process. We work with some of the finest accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys across America. We also work directly with people who have been seriously hurt through no-fault of their own and have pending lawsuits. 

If you got hurt due to someone else's negligence, careless, or reckless and you've hired an injury lawyer, we can get you a pending lawsuit loan within 24 hours. We are known having a straightforward underwriting process and delivering lawsuit funding fast to accident victims experiencing dire financial straits.

These are the states where we offer personal injury lawsuit funding with lawsuit funding best rates to plaintiffs with third party lawsuits:

  • Alabama lawsuit funding
  • Alaska lawsuit funding
  • Arizona lawsuit funding
  • California lawsuit funding
  • Connecticut lawsuit funding
  • Delaware lawsuit funding
  • Florida lawsuit funding
  • Georgia lawsuit funding
  • Hawaii lawsuit funding
  • Idaho lawsuit funding
  • Illinois lawsuit funding
  • Indiana lawsuit funding
  • Iowa lawsuit funding
  • Kansas lawsuit funding
  • Louisiana lawsuit funding
  • Maine lawsuit funding
  • Massachusetts lawsuit funding
  • Michigan lawsuit funding
  • Minnesota lawsuit funding
  • Mississippi lawsuit funding
  • Missouri lawsuit funding
  • Montana lawsuit funding
  • Nevada lawsuit funding
  • New Hampshire lawsuit funding
  • New Jersey lawsuit funding
  • New Mexico lawsuit funding
  • New York lawsuit funding
  • North Dakota lawsuit funding
  • Ohio lawsuit funding
  • Oregon lawsuit funding
  • Pennsylvania lawsuit funding
  • Rhode Island lawsuit funding
  • South Dakota lawsuit funding
  • Tennessee lawsuit funding
  • Texas lawsuit funding
  • Utah lawsuit funding
  • Vermont lawsuit funding
  • Virginia lawsuit funding
  • Washington lawsuit funding
  • West Virginia lawsuit funding
  • Wisconsin lawsuit funding
  • Wyoming lawsuit funding

At this time, we do not advance settlement funding to injury victims in the following states: Arkansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, and South Carolina

Lawsuit Funding Solutions

Other Areas of Practice

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding has some of the best lawsuit funding underwriters in the legal funding industry. If you have a third party or liability claim and need to borrow money from your lawsuit, our experienced team of professionals can underwrite your injury case for a lawsuit cash advance. These are a few of our offerings:


Car Accident Loans.jpg

Automobile Accident Lawsuit Funding

Red Fox Funding is the #1 source for pre settlement loans auto accidents. Accidents involving motor vehicles are among the most common causes of serious injury and death in the United States each year. We provide settlement funding against auto accident bodily injury claims and wrongful death actions.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Lawsuit Cash Advances on Dangerous Drug Litigation.jpg

Bad Drug Lawsuit Funding

Dangerous drug litigation is highly complex, expensive to litigate, time-consuming, and quite lengthy. Plaintiffs who experience money problems and feel their lawsuit is dragging out often turn to lawsuit funding companies for help. Red Fox Lawsuit Funding has some of the best lawsuit funding underwriter capable of underwriting bad drug cases. We provide settlement funding for lawsuit plaintiffs with dangerous drug claims due to bad drug side effects from dangerous prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Pre settlement funding bus accident.jpg

Bus Accident Lawsuit Funding

Buses come in many forms: school bus, airport or hotel shuttle bus, party bus, tour and charter buses, casino bus, and medical transport bus. When a bus accident occurs, the consequences can be significant, both emotionally and financially. Due to the size and weight of these vehicles, a traffic collision involving a bus can result in significant personal injury, even wrongful death. Red Fox Legal Funding can provide lawsuit funding fast to people hurt in bus crashes.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Cash Loans for Car Accidents.jpg

Car Crash Lawsuit Funding

Red Fox Funding has a straightforward legal funding process for car accident victims looking to borrow money against pending lawsuit settlements. We give cash for neck injury cases, money for back injury, lending for spine injuries, and lawsuit funding loans for traffic accident personal injury claims. We can help clients who are looking to get funding for lawsuits for the very first time or those who already have a car accident cash advance and need a lawsuit funding buyouts to obtain additional funding.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Truck Accident Lawsuit Settlement Funding.jpg

Commercial Truck Lawsuit Funding

Truck accidents can be devastating to a victim and his / her entire family. Given the size and weight of a truck, even at a low impact, a truck accident can be catastrophic. Red Fox Funding is committed to delivering financial assistance to people injured in trucking accidents throughout the United States by providing pre settlement funding to victims of semi-truck and tractor trailer wrecks.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Medical Device Lawsuit Loans and Pre Settlement Funding.jpg

Medical Device Defect Lawsuit Funding

Defective medical device litigation can be emotionally and financially straining on plaintiffs. At Red Fox Lawsuit Funding, we work with some of the top medical device defect lawyers in America, who are working diligently to hold medical device manufacturers responsible for defective products in the marketplace. Our defective medical device loans can help plaintiffs survive during the lengthy litigation process.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Pre Settlement Funding for Medical Malpractice Cases.jpg

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Funding

Red Fox Funding can advance settlement funding to victims of medical malpractice. When a licensed healthcare professional acts negligently causing injury or death to patient, that medical professional can be held responsible for medical error. We give financial assistance to lawsuit plaintiffs with pending lawsuits against doctors, nurses, & hospitals by providing pre settlement loans against medical malpractice settlements.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Cash Advance.jpg

Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Funding

Pedestrian accidents can cause serious bodily injury and even death. Motor vehicle operators who disobey vehicle and traffic law can be held civilly liable for damages caused to third parties. Red Fox Funding can advance lawsuit funding for pedestrian injury claims as well as pedestrian wrongful death cases filed by family member and spouses.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Pharmaceutical Settlement Loans.jpg

Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Funding

Red Fox Funding can provide settlement loans against pharmaceutical litigation settlements. If you have suffered personal injury or a loved one died due to a pharmaceutical drug or prescription medication, we can get you the financial assistance you desperately need to financially survive while you are waiting for your attorney to recover fair compensation.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Product Liability Pre-Settlement Funding.jpg

Product Liability Lawsuit Funding

Thousands of people are seriously injured or killed every year by dangerous and defective products dangerous. Many product liability injuries are from industrial machinery and equipment, improperly designed consumer products, automobiles, and prescription drugs. Red Fox Funding can provide lawsuit funding to people who have been seriously hurt due to defective products and have pending product liability cases.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Loans on Slip and Fall Accidents.jpg

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Funding

A slip and fall injury is a common occurrence. Unlit stairwells, wet floors, and defects can often have catastrophic results. Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is the lawsuit lender people with slip and fall cases turn to when they need easy lawsuit funding for slip and fall injuries.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Loans on Trip and Fall Accidents.png

Trip and Fall Lawsuit Funding

Accident victims with trip and fall injury cases turn to our professional lawsuit funding companies when they need lawsuit funding loans on trip and fall settlements. We have experienced lawsuit funding specialists that will give you the attention, respect, and service you deserve.

Best Lawsuit Funding Companies.png

Wrongful death settlement loans.png

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

A wrongful death occurs when a person is killed because of the negligence or misconduct of another individual, company or entity. Red Fox Lawsuit Funding can advance settlement funding for plaintiffs with wrongful death lawsuits arising from car accidents, construction site accidents, swimming pool accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability accidents, and home fires.



Get the financial assistance you deserve while you're waiting for your lawsuit settlement. Our lawsuit funding solutions are designed to help plaintiff stay afloat during the litigation process so they can focus on their emotional and physical well-being and win a fair compensation from the responsible party.

Red Fox is the # 1 source for lawsuit funding solutions. Whether you're looking for slip and fall lawsuit loans, doctor error settlement loans, lawsuit loans on car accident settlements, or big rig pre settlement funding, we can advance lawsuit funding while you're waiting for the settlement money from your pending lawsuit.

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