Lawsuit Funding Buyouts

Lawsuit Funding Buyouts

Lawsuit settlement funding buyouts for
accident claims and injury lawsuits

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is one of the few remaining lawsuit funding companies in the U.S. specializing in easy approval lawsuit funding buyouts for accident victims and personal injury plaintiffs who previously received loans on their pending lawsuit settlements.

If you already got an accident loan, pre-settlement funding, or lawsuit cash advance from another lawsuit funding company, and you desperately need to get an additional lawsuit advance to stay afloat financially, we are here to help you.

No one in the legal funding industry knows more about buying out prior lawsuit loans than us. We specialize in giving accident victims and plaintiffs second and even third cash advance lawsuit funding!

If you need a legal funding buyout today, all you have to do is fill out the online application on this page. The application should not take you more than 4 minutes to complete.




Lawsuit loan buyout 101: Paying off your existing settlement loan

What is a lawsuit funding buyout?

A lawsuit funding buyout is the way in which an injury victim receives another lawsuit advancement against his / her lawsuit, but this time around from a different lawsuit funding company.

If you have already borrowed money from your lawsuit, and you now want to borrow money from a different lawsuit funding company, you will need a "buy-out" in order to work with the new funding company. 


Why do I need a buy-out?

Because of the terms and conditions of the funding agreement you previously signed when you took out the lawsuit loan and because of standard industry practices, a plaintiff cannot have lawsuit funding out with more than one company at a given time.

When you take out a lawsuit advance against your pending case, that company gets a " funding lien" on that case.

A funding lien is legal right granted by a plaintiff and acquired by a lawsuit funding company. The lien serves to guarantee that in the event of a settlement, verdict, or award, the lawsuit advance will be paid back with a pre-determined usage fee from the proceeds of the money recovered by the attorney.

When you are approved for lawsuit loan buyout, the "new" pre-settlement funding company will payoff the "old" funding company the loan amount you currently owe them and assume the rights of the funding lien.


How the lawsuit funding buyout program works:

  1. Apply online by filling out the application.
  2. We will request a "payoff letter" from the previous funding company.
  3. We also contact your law firm for information about your case.
  4. Our lawsuit funding underwriter will review and evaluate the case.
  5. We call you to inform you that the lawsuit loans buyout is approved and how much additional funding you can receive.




Additional lawsuit cash advance for plaintiffs

Getting another lawsuit cash advance or additional funding is risk-free lending for injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs. That's because lawsuit funding for plaintiffs is a non-recourse legal funding.

Non-recourse funding is a cash advance that's secured by a pledge of collateral or property (the pending lawsuit), which the borrower is not personally liable. That means if you do not win or settle your case, you are not personally responsible or obligated to pay back the additional funding lawsuit cash advance.

Our legal funding program has saved thousands of accident victims from low-ball insurance settlements, eviction, ruined credit, vehicle repossession, phone service disconnection, harassing calls from bill collectors, utility shut-off, and foreclosure proceedings.

Advantages of lawsuit funding buyout from Red Fox:

  • Funds next day post approval
  • $1,000 to $100,000
  • Simple process
  • No Out of pocket fees
  • No Job requirements
  • No Monthly payments
  • No Risk to plaintiffs! Keep the lawsuit cash advance if you lose


Cases eligible for buyouts

Red Fox offers lawsuit cash advances for a wide variety of different injury claims.

From motor vehicle accident lawsuits to wrongful death claims, we have the experience and resources to help you get you a second round of additional lawsuit funding today, before you get the money from your expected settlement. 

The cases referenced below are eligible for pre settlement funding buyouts:

In addition to offering pre settlement funding services personal injury lawsuits, we also offer funding for workers compensation claims and product liability lawsuits.


Common Injuries

We have evaluated thousands of claims nationwide. The following are some of the more common injury cases that qualify for additional lawsuit funding:

  • Head injury cases
  • Neck injury cases
  • Significant scarring laceration cases
  • Amputation cases
  • Knee injury cases
  • Broken bone fracture cases
  • Traumatic brain injury cases
  • Soft tissue injury cases (with sufficient treatment & MRI testing)
  • Ankle injury cases
  • Spine injuries cases
  • Back injury cases
  • Wrist injury cases
  • Fracture bones cases
  • Hearing and vision loss cases
  • Tibia fracture cases
  • Shoulder injury cases
  • Loss of limb cases
  • Wrongful death cases




Lawsuit funding: State by State

We are proud of the fact that we have provided financial assistance to injury victims nationwide. As a national lawsuit funding company, Red Fox can help individuals involved in pending lawsuits across America.

We currently provide personal injury lawsuit funding to people with pending third party lawsuits & negligence cases in following states:

  • Alabama lawsuit funding
  • Arizona lawsuit funding
  • California lawsuit funding
  • Connecticut lawsuit funding
  • Georgia lawsuit funding
  • Indiana lawsuit funding
  • Kansas lawsuit funding
  • Louisiana lawsuit funding
  • Michigan lawsuit funding
  • Mississippi lawsuit funding
  • Missouri lawsuit funding
  • Montana lawsuit funding
  • Nevada lawsuit funding
  • New Jersey lawsuit funding
  • New York lawsuit funding
  • North Dakota lawsuit funding
  • Ohio lawsuit funding
  • Oregon lawsuit funding
  • Rhode Island lawsuit funding
  • Washington lawsuit funding
  • Wyoming lawsuit funding


Legal funding buyouts: Get a second lawsuit loan from the nation's best funder

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