Lawsuit Funding Interest Rates

The Truth About Lawsuit Funding Interest Rates

Don't allow unethical lawsuit funding companies to lure you with offerings of unrealistically low rates. Get the 100% truth about lawsuit funding interest rates from one of the nation's best lawsuit funding companies so you can make an informed decision that's best for you and your family.

Although most lawsuit funding companies claim to offer the "lowest rates in the legal funding industry," the sad truth is that the majority of lawsuit lenders you see advertising at the top of the internet search results are actually very expensive for plaintiffs.

While pre-settlement lawsuit funding rates are higher than personal loans from banks and other traditional forms of lending, that's still no excuse for some funding companies charging excessively high lawsuit funding interest rates to plaintiffs who are struggling financially.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is a national lawsuit funding company providing pre settlement funding (unsettled) and post settlement funding (settled but payment delay) products to accident victims and plaintiffs with injury claims.

We work with plaintiffs and personal injury law firms in more than 40 states nationwide. We've seen how some company take advantage of "unsophisticated" plaintiffs who are seeking financial assistance before they get the money from their settlement.

By publishing this article, we hope to save as many plaintiffs as possible from take a costly lawsuit cash advance from a high rate lawsuit funding company.


Lawsuit Advance Costs, Fees, and Rates

Full-service lawsuit funding companies typically offer a wide variety of legal financial products for personal injury plaintiffs such as settlement loans, accident cash advance, lawsuit loans, surgery lawsuit funding, accident loans, and lawsuit cash advance.

Lawsuit cash advances have saved tens of thousands of plaintiffs from financial disaster such as eviction, motor vehicle repossession, phone service interruption, utility shut off, foreclosure proceedings, and harassing calls from bill collectors.

Anyone looking to get a loan on a lawsuit, should consider the fact that a pre-settlement loan will typically cost you more than a personal loan from prime bank.

Pre-settlement funding rates are usually higher than a typical loan from a creditor because of the risk involved. Consider the fact that funding companies do not perform an employment check or credit check on applicants. Furthermore, since a lawsuit advance is borrowing against a lawsuit, the plaintiff is not personally guaranteeing the advance and is not obligated to pay back the advance if he / she does not get a settlement, judgment, or award.

As a responsible lawsuit lender, we tell our customers that lawsuit funding should be a service of last resort. Therefore, if a plaintiff has a good credit profile or other viable options for borrowing money, they should definitely consider those options prior to taking a loan on a pending lawsuit.

If you do decide to follow through and get a lawsuit advance, be sure to do your homework and ask the right questions.


How to Get the Best Lawsuit Funding Interest Rates

To ensure receiving a lawsuit funding loans best terms, we recommended plaintiffs only work with a professional lawsuit funding company who listens to your concerns, genuinely cares for your well-being, answers your questions in simple and straightforward language, and is transparent with their fees and rates.


  • Call and Ask: Call the funding company and ask them specifically about their rates. Don't rely on the rate in the advertisement being accurate.
  • Sounds too low: Be cautious of any lawsuit funding company advertises a pre-settlement funding interest rate of 1½%. Remember, the old adage: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Get it in writing: Learn how to spot a deceitful lender. If you are looking into borrowing money from your unsettled lawsuit and a lawsuit funding company is offering you a pre-settlement rate that's less than 2.5%, you should respectfully ask to get that quoted rate in writing. Deceitful lenders want to cover their tracks and will be hesitant about making a false claim in writing.
  • Review the paperwork: If the rate you were promised at the very beginning does not match the rate in the legal funding agreement, tear up the paperwork and find a funding company that will be honest and transparent about their rates.

Avoid the bait and switch! Don't get scammed by pre settlement lawsuit funding companies with false numbers. You deserve an honest lender that will be upfront, straightforward, and transparent about the terms of your advance.

Savvy clients flock to lawsuit lenders that provide them with not only the best interest rate possible but the best terms as well.


Fair rate pre-settlement funding company

Fair rate pre settlement lawsuit funding companies like Red Fox Lawsuit Funding offers injury victims very competitive and reasonable interest rates.

With Red Fox Lawsuit Funding, our best pre-settlement lawsuit funding interest rate is between 2.75% to 3.25%. Your specific interest rate is based on the fact and "strength" of your case and not your credit score. Once we're done evaluating and underwriting your claim within 24 hours, we'll call and let you know two things: How much money you can borrow from your lawsuit and The specific interest rate to get the lawsuit advance.

We don't have anything to hide, and we will not try to scam you with a false interest rate just to entice you to apply. As you can see, unlike other lawsuit lenders, we are honest and transparent about our interest rates. Contact Red Fox Funding today at 1-888-475-8027 or apply on this webpage by filling out the short online funding application. The application process takes less than 4 minutes and we do not require credit checks or employment verification.

We're not here to take advantage of your present financial situation. Rather, our genuine care for your well-being is why our interest rates are so reasonable and why our terms are transparent.

Red Fox Funding is a full-service settlement funding company offering cash advances on most personal injury claims and civil lawsuits. We specialize in injury claims such as:

We also offer fair rate lawsuit cash advance on wrongful death lawsuits, workers compensation claims and product liability lawsuits.

If you are experiencing dire financial difficulties while going through the litigation process, we're here to assist you with risk-free cash advances before you get the lawsuit settlement money.



Nationwide Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

We are authorized to offer lawsuit advances against injury cases within the United States, in more than 40 states. At this time, we are unable to help injury victims in Canada.

These are a few of the states where we provide risk-free plaintiff funding services:

  • Alabama injury lawsuit
  • Arizona injury lawsuit
  • California injury lawsuit
  • Connecticut injury lawsuit
  • Georgia injury lawsuit
  • Indiana injury lawsuit
  • Kansas injury lawsuit
  • Louisiana injury lawsuit
  • Michigan injury lawsuit
  • Mississippi injury lawsuit
  • Missouri injury lawsuit
  • Montana injury lawsuit
  • Nevada injury lawsuit
  • New Jersey injury lawsuit
  • New York injury lawsuit
  • North Dakota injury lawsuit
  • Ohio injury lawsuit
  • Rhode Island injury lawsuit
  • Washington injury lawsuit
  • West Virginia injury lawsuit
  • Wyoming injury lawsuit
  • Minnesota injury lawsuit
  • and more


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After we get your application, we'll immediately process your request then reach out to your injury lawyer to gather some additional information about your lawsuit.

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 Lawsuit Loan Costs, Fees, And Rates

Red Fox Funding is a national lawsuit funding company based out of New York State. We provide fair interest rates lawsuit loans and insurance settlement cash advance to clients throughout the United States. Our settlement funding products provide an essential service to injured accident victims and plaintiffs who desperately need financial assistance paying their bills, living expenses, and other financial obligations.

Here are just a few locations across America where we offer plaintiff funding products to victims who are struggling financially while waiting for their lawsuit settlement money:

Alabama | Arizona | Connecticut | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Louisiana | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nevada | North Dakota | Rhode Island | South Dakota | Washington | West Virginia | Wyoming | Minnesota | and More

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