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Red Fox Funding is a nationwide lawsuit funding company. We offer financial assistance to plaintiffs and injured accident victims who experience dire financial hardships during the lengthy litigation process.

As full-service lawsuit lenders, we provide both pre-settlement funding (unsettled cases) and post-settlement funding (settled cases) financial products to injury victims in the form of lawsuit cash advances, accident loans, insurance settlement loans, and personal injury loans.

Because we have some of the best lawsuit funding underwriters reviewing and evaluating legal funding applications, we're able to get plaintiffs lawsuit funding fast with competitively priced lawsuit funding interest rates.

Lawsuit funding or legal finance underwriters play a very important role in the settlement funding process. However, many people outside of the legal funding industry are unfamiliar as to who underwriters are and what it is they actually do.

This article will serve to give readers and all interested parties a thorough understanding of the lawsuit funding process and the steps involved in case review and underwriting for pre-settlement funding and legal finance.

What You Will Learn

  • Legal funding defined
  • The 5 steps involved in getting legal financing
  • Who are lawsuit funding underwriters
  • The service lawsuit funding underwriters perform
  • Case types eligible for lawsuit cash advances
  • How to get a risk-free lawsuit loan within 24 hours

If you have any questions while reading this article or at the conclusion, do not hesitate to call and speak with a representative by dialing 1-888-475-8027. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you have about lawsuit lending and how our legal funding works.


Lawsuit Funding Definition

Lawsuit funding is a process by which people with civil claims are able to get a cash advance on a portion of the money they are expecting from a future settlement.

Lawsuit funding companies typically provide cash advances to injured accident victims, personal injury plaintiffs, plaintiffs with civil and breach of contract claims, and even tort law firms and injury lawyers.

However, the vast majority of legal funding companies within the United States primarily advance lawsuit funding to injury plaintiffs and hurt accident victims.

Lawsuit funding are sometimes called lawsuit loans, legal funding, accident loans, lawsuit advances, and settlement funding. However, whichever term one chooses to use, the fact remains that a lawsuit advance is simply a risk-free cash advance on the money a plaintiff is expecting from a lawsuit settlement.

Although some people and political groups may refer to our legal funding products as a "loan" or "loans, " lawsuit funding is not loan! Rather, lawsuit advances are provided to injury victims on a non-recourse basis.

Non-recourse lending (no-win, no pay) essentially means that the plaintiffs is not personally guaranteeing the advance and are not personally liable. That's because lawsuit funding is borrowing against the future recovery of an injury claim.

Characteristics of our lawsuit funding program:

  • Same day lawsuit funding
  • $1,000 to $350,000 cash advance
  • Easy lawsuit funding approval
  • Straightforward process
  • No fee to apply
  • Simple paperwork once approved
  • No employment requirements
  • No monthly payments
  • Zero risk to injury victims. If you lose or don't settle, you owe nothing!


Lawsuit Funding Underwriting

The vast majority of plaintiffs who turn to lawsuit funding companies for financial assistance do so because it's the only viable financial option they have at the time.

A study by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) reveals that 9 million households in the United States did not have bank accounts. Furthermore, a recent survey indicates that 70% of people living in America have less than $1,000 in their saving account at any given time.

It's no wonder a significant number of accident victims suffer financially after a catastrophic injury. Not being able to return to work and make a sufficient income can cause plaintiffs to experience cash flow problems and fall behind of paying their bills and other obligations.

Lawsuit funding has saved thousands of injured accident victims from low-ball insurance settlements, eviction, damaged credit, vehicle repossession, phone service disconnection, harassing calls from bill collectors, utility shut-off, and foreclosure proceedings.

Our settlement funding process is straightforward and easy for plaintiffs and law firms.

The 5 steps to getting a lawsuit advance is simple.

  1. Apply: The first step in getting a loan on your lawsuit is filling out our short online funding application. You can also call us and do an application over the phone if you prefer.
  2. Work with your law firm: Once we get your funding application, we'll call your law firm to speak with the paralegal or attorney handling your case to obtain some additional information about your lawsuit.
  3. Underwrite the case: Our legal funding underwriting process is quick. As soon as we get the requested information from your attorney, our underwriter will review your case to determine whether we can fund said case and how much money you can borrow from your lawsuit.
  4. Sign the paperwork: After underwriting your case, we'll call and let you know the underwriting decision and the amount of cash advance for your settlement you can borrow. If you decide to take the lawsuit cash advance, we will email / fax the paperwork to you and your injury attorney for sign.
  5. Send the money: You got the cash advance! As soon as we get back the signed paperwork from you and your lawyer, we'll mail or wire the money to you.


Who are lawsuit funding underwriters?

A lawsuit funding underwriter is entrusted by an investor or lawsuit funding company with the task of reviewing, evaluating, and analyzing civil cases for the pursue of potentially providing cash advances on pending lawsuits (pre-settlement) or settled lawsuits (post-settlement).

Lawsuit funding underwriters generally have a solid background in civil litigation, personal injury, insurance claims management, investigation techniques, and medical terminology.

For this reason, the vast majority of legal funding underwriters are civil attorneys, claims adjusters, personal injury lawyers, and insurance claims supervisors.


What do legal funding underwriters do?

Legal funding underwriters have a duty to protect the interest of lawsuit loans investors. They do this by performing due diligence when evaluating and considering a case for settlement funding.

They typically evaluate and approve settlement funding on personal injury cases including but not limited to auto liability, workers compensation settlements, premise liability (i.e. slip and fall), wrongful death actions, bad drug lawsuits, and product liability cases.

For example: If a plaintiff needs to borrow money from his / her expected car accident settlement and submits an application for car accident lawsuit funding, a lawsuit underwriter will obtain and evaluate supporting documentation such as the police accident report, relevant medical reports, lawsuit complaints, and the insurance policy limit of the responsible vehicle and the host vehicle.

Lawsuit funding professionals who underwrite pre-settlement funding applications should have an extensive background in the handling and settlement of litigated and non-litigated third-party liability claims.

A strong understanding of legal terminology, medical terminology and insurance terminology.


Lawsuit Funding Review

Red Fox Funding is a full-service legal funding company. We provide personal injury loans and accident cash advances to people who have been injured and retained legal counsel to represent them to recover compensation.

We have the experience and resources to underwrite most injury claims and civil lawsuits pending within the United States.

Our experienced lawsuit funding underwriters have successfully evaluated and approved all types of lawsuits and accident claims throughout America.

Here's a short list of case we fund on a consistent basis:

In addition to underwriting personal injury claims, we also provide lawsuit settlement funding for wrongful death lawsuits, workers compensation settlements and product liability lawsuits.


Case Underwriting: Common injuries

It is incumbent upon a legal funding underwriter to have a strong understanding of medical terminology and interpreting medical records.

A plaintiff's injury and subsequent medical treatment (damages) weighs heavily in case underwriting. Generally, the more serious the injury sustained and the more invasive the medical treatment rendered to the injury victims is the larger the settlement loan advanced. (Assuming the amount of recoverable insurance is known and sufficient).

Our underwriters have significant experience evaluating the most common accident injuries and third-party liability claim injuries such as:

  • Head injury
  • Neck Injury
  • Lacerations
  • Face Injury
  • Amputation
  • Knee Injury
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Ankle injury
  • Spine Injuries
  • Back Injury
  • Wrist injury
  • Fracture
  • Hearing and vision loss
  • Tibia fracture
  • Shoulder Injury
  • Eye Injury
  • Dismemberment
  • Death

Whether you need lawsuit funding for soft tissue injury, broken bone lawsuit funding, or surgery lawsuit funding, our legal funding underwriter can quickly review your case and determine a lawsuit loan is warranted.


Nationwide Lawsuit Funding Company

We work with personal injury law firms and lawsuit plaintiffs nationwide. 

With the exception of AK, KY, NC, MD, OK, and SC, we can provide financial assistance to injury victims throughout the U.S.

The vast majority of case funding applications we receive from plaintiffs and personal injury lawyers come from the following states:

  • Alabama lawsuit
  • Arizona lawsuit
  • California lawsuit
  • Connecticut lawsuit
  • Georgia lawsuit
  • Indiana lawsuit
  • Kansas lawsuit
  • Louisiana lawsuit
  • Michigan lawsuit
  • Minnesota lawsuit
  • Mississippi lawsuit
  • Missouri lawsuit
  • Montana lawsuit
  • Nevada lawsuit
  • New Jersey lawsuit
  • New York lawsuit
  • North Dakota lawsuit
  • Ohio lawsuit
  • Rhode Island lawsuit
  • Washington lawsuit
  • West Virginia lawsuit
  • Wyoming lawsuit


Next Day Lawsuit Loans: How to get the lawsuit funding fast

You deserve to work with the best lawsuit funding company in the industry.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding has some of the best pre-settlement underwriters on staff. Use our expertise in civil litigation, risk management, litigation funding, and liability claim best practices to your advantage.

We are one of the best lawsuit funding companies for plaintiffs who require fast processing, easy approval, low lawsuit funding interest rates, and professional client service. An underwriter is ready to review your funding application.

To get a lawsuit loan within 24 hours, simply fill out the online application form. As soon as we get your application, we'll immediately process your cash advance request then reach out to your personal injury attorney to gather some additional information about your injury case.

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