Low Interest Lawsuit Funding

Low Interest Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit loans have many benefits for injured accident victims and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs who need cash fast before they get the money from their lawsuit settlement. Although lawsuit cash advances help plaintiffs stay afloat and even win larger insurance settlements, a responsible lender such as Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is quick to tell clients that legal financing should be used a service of last resort.

Legal funding is designed for individuals who need immediate financial assistance but do not have access to other forms of lending such as banks. Since lawsuit funding companies do not require employment verification, credit check, or financial background information, legal funding is ideal for those accident victims who do not have good credit or real estate to borrow against, which traditional bank and credit unions require.

Lawsuit funding can be costly for injury victims but it's does not have to be. By working with only the best lawsuit funding companies, you can get a lawsuit advance fast and the best lawsuit funding rates.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding maintains great relationships with plaintiff law firms and clients throughout the United States. Savvy clients interested in getting lawsuit cash advances before settlements flock to us when they need lawsuit funding fast and low interest lawsuit funding loans.

As one of the nation's leading lawsuit settlement funding providers, we exist to support you through financial setbacks. Our ultimate purpose is helping you get through difficult times by providing you with the financial assistance that you need to pay your living expenses, rent, utilities, medical bills, rent, auto loans payment, and mortgage.


Interest Rates Review: Lawsuit settlement funding vs traditional loans

Although some inaccurately categorize and define lawsuit funding (also called settlement funding) as a "loan" and "loans," lawsuit funding is actually a non-recourse cash advance against a portion of the money expected from a future settlement.

Non-recourse funding in this instance means that when a funding company advance lawsuit funding to a plaintiff, the cash advance is secured by the pending case and possible settlement. Thus, the plaintiff is not personally liable for paying back the advance in the event his / her injury lawyer does not settle the case or win an award, verdict, or judgment. 

Lawsuit lending carries a significant amount of risk for the funding company. A credit check, employment verification, and background check is not performed on the applicant. Furthermore, the funding company has no recourse whatsoever if the lawsuit is unsuccessful. If the attorney does not settle or win the case, the funding company cannot go after the plaintiff from repayment of the advance.

While lawsuit funding may resemble certain aspects of a loan, the two are fundamentally different. Lawsuit funding is a fast and easy way for plaintiffs to get cash now but it carries a higher level of risk for the funding company.

The best lawsuit funding companies interest rates should directly correlate to the risk involved in funding the case.

Lawsuit funding companies interest rates will vary from company to company. Typically, you can expect to be charged interest rates similar to that of a high interest credit card.


Cases Eligible for the Best Rates and Financial Terms

Our corporate slogan says it all: Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is The Responsible Lender.

We provide financial assistance to accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs who are struggling financially to stay afloat while they are fighting to recover compensation for their injuries. We take pride in the work we’re able to do and we approach every case with the client’s best interest at heart.

Don't be fooled by false rates and fake reviews! Our genuine care for your well-being is why our lawsuit funding interest rates are so low and why our plaintiff funding terms are transparent!

Other lawsuit funding companies may offer similar products, but no one values client relationships like us.

Don't delay in getting the help you desperately need. There's no shame or embarrassment in seeking financial assistance when you need it. Many accident victims experience cash flow difficulties after a serious injury. Settlement funding has saved tens of thousands of victims from low-ball settlements, eviction, damaged credit, vehicle repossession, phone service disconnection, harassing calls from debt collectors, utility shut-off, and foreclosure proceedings.

We offer a wide range of personal injury loans and settlement funding products.

Our lawsuit funding underwriters have successfully handled all types of injury claims and accident lawsuits across America. We specialize in injury cases inclusive of but not limited to the following:

As a full-service lender, we also advance lawsuit funding for dangerous drug litigation, workers compensation lawsuit funding and product liability lawsuit funding, and wrongful death lawsuits.


National Settlement Funding Company

We provide lawsuit funding loans in more than 40 states nationwide, including but not limited to the following:

  • Alabama lawsuit funding
  • Arizona lawsuit funding
  • California lawsuit funding
  • Connecticut lawsuit funding
  • Georgia lawsuit funding
  • Indiana lawsuit funding
  • Kansas lawsuit funding
  • Louisiana lawsuit funding
  • Michigan lawsuit funding
  • Mississippi lawsuit funding
  • Missouri lawsuit funding
  • Montana lawsuit funding
  • Nevada lawsuit funding
  • New Jersey lawsuit funding
  • New York lawsuit funding
  • North Dakota lawsuit funding
  • Ohio lawsuit funding
  • Rhode Island lawsuit funding
  • Texas lawsuit funding
  • Washington lawsuit funding
  • West Virginia lawsuit funding
  • Wyoming lawsuit funding
  • Minnesota lawsuit funding


Best Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding Company: Lowest rates for plaintiffs

Ensure you get the lowest rate possible by working with one of the best lawsuit funding company in the industry. Use our expertise in civil litigation, risk management, trial work, litigation funding, and liability claim best practices to your advantage.

What working with Red Fox Lawsuit Funding means to you is fast processing, easy approval, best lawsuit funding loans terms, and professional client service.

Our lawsuit loans underwriters are on deck, ready to review your funding application. Once we receive your request, we'll immediately reach out to your personal injury lawyer to gather some additional information about your case

To get started now, please fill out the online funding application on this page.

We look forward to helping you and your family with a low interest rate lawsuit settlement advance within 24 hours.

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Lawsuit Funding Nationwide

Lawsuit funding low interest

Red Fox Funding is a national lawsuit funding company based out of New York State, providing pre-settlement and post settlement funding products to clients throughout the United States. We help accident victims and personal injury plaintiffs who need financial assistance paying their bills, living expenses, medical treatment, and other financial obligations.

Here are just a few of the states where we advance lawsuit funding:

Alabama | Arizona | Connecticut | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Louisiana | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nevada | North Dakota | Rhode Island | South Dakota | Washington | West Virginia | Wyoming | Minnesota | and More

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