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Read about the benefits and qualifications of lawsuit loans and pre-settlement cash advances before deciding which litigation funding company is the best choice for you.

What is a lawsuit loan

Lawsuit loans were borne out of necessity. Civil lawsuits can take several years to come to a final disposition. How long a specific case will take to resolve, whether through judgment or settlement, will depend upon several factors, such as the type of lawsuit, complexity of the case, the venue, and who the defendant and/or insurance company is.

The dilemma plaintiffs encounter arises during the lengthy litigation process. While the plaintiff is going through the various lawsuit stages and waiting for a fair insurance settlement, his / her bills and expenses are mounting with no immediate relief in sight.

Faced with cash-flow problems and financial hardships, a plaintiff traditionally had 3 not-so great options to choose from prior to the availability of lawsuit loans in the United States:

  1. Take out a loan from a bank
  2. Continue struggling until the case ultimately settlement, and the money came in from the settlement.
  3. Settle prematurely and take the insurance companies / defendant's low-ball offer to settle the lawsuit.

The first 2 option are not very good options. Trying to get a loan from personal loan lender would prove extremely challenging to an injured accident victim with bad or no credit. And option 3 is an unjust option that only benefits the insurance company or corporation responsible for causing your injury.

When lawsuit loans become widely available to injury victims in the U.S., this gave them a 4th and better option -- lawsuit loans solutions.

A lawsuit loan is a cash advance against a pending lawsuit that is specifically designed for plaintiffs and injury accident victims who are currently going through the litigation or claim process. Whether you refer to our lawsuit loans services as a lawsuit cash advance, litigation financing, lawsuit funding, or settlement funding, a lawsuit loan from Red Fox is simply a non recourse (no win-no pay) cash advance from a future lawsuit, before you get the money from your settlement.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is a full-service provider of lawsuit loans and lawsuit cash advances for injury victims in the United States. We provide cash advance from $1,000 to $350,000.


Facts about lawsuit loans from Red Fox Funding

Lawsuit loans are considered no-risk lawsuit lending because the settlement cash advance is not a traditional loan. Unlike a loan from a bank where the lender requires that you have good credit and be gainfully employed, a lawsuit loan is not based upon your personal ability to pay back back the money that was advanced.

Additionally, we do not require that the plaintiff be employed or have a source of income to qualify. That is because our decision concerning lawsuit lending is based upon the merits and circumstance surround the pending lawsuit.

Highlights of Lawsuit Loans

  • No Credit Check
  • No Application Fee
  • Same Day or Next Day Lawsuit Loans
  • No Out-of-Pocket Cost
  • Lawsuit Advance from $1,000 to $350,000, depending on your case
  • No Monthly Payment
  • Transparent & Straightforward Paperwork
  • Cash Delivery by Same Day Wire or Overnight Check!
  • No Win-No Pay Assurance (If you lose or don't settlement owe nothing!)

Eligibility is simple: If you have a pending lawsuit against a wrongdoer, hired an attorney on a contingency basis, and need to borrow money from your expected settlement, then you are eligible to apply for a loan for your pending lawsuit today.


Pros and cons of lawsuit loans

Advantages of Lawsuit Loans

There are two primary benefits for getting lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit cash advances can provide immediate financial relief and help you stay financially afloat until you win a fair settlement for your personal injury lawsuit.

If you are struggling financially and contemplating settling your case early because you need cash fast, then a pre settlement lawsuit advance can empower you decline the low-ball offer to settle and continue fighting for a fair and reasonable lawsuit settlement. A lawsuit loan can give your lawyer all the time he or she needs to negotiate the best possible insurance settlement or prepare the case for trial.

Although there are many lawsuit funding benefits for clients, there are a few disadvantages to taking a loan on your lawsuit settlement.

Disadvantages of a Lawsuit Loan

Lawsuit loans are not designed for every client and every case.

A client should be careful about which lawsuit lender he/she decides to work with.

Third, working with the wrong lawsuit funding company can be very costly. All lawsuit loan companies are not created equal.

Generally speaking, lawsuit loans are a great financial tool for plaintiffs who have solid cases that have significant monetary value. However, it is imperative that clients works with a decent and ethical lawsuit loan company.

Caution should be taken when dealing with lawsuit loan companies. Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples in the legal funding industry that give the industry, as a whole, a bad name. These bad characters are not only dishonest in their advertising but they charge unconscionably high lawsuit loan interest rates. You deserve better.

Stay clear of any company with pushy or shady telephone representative. You should not be coerced or pressured into taking a loan on your lawsuit. Instead, choose a company that will take the time to answer all of your questions honestly and clearly. You deserve an expert lawsuit funding specialist, not a pushy sales person only interested in pressuring your into getting a lawsuit loan with bad terms.


Lawsuit loan solutions for plaintiffs

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is not your average litigation funding provider. We truly have the clients' best interest at heart. We believe in providing responsible lender. That's why we offer fair rates and transparent lawsuit settlement funding terms.

We are proud of the fact that we have helped many injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs get the help they needed, when they needed it. These plaintiffs have used the lawsuit settlement loans to pay their rent, utility bills, insurance premiums, child care expenses, mortgage, medical treatment, and for surgery.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding specializes in what we do best: Personal injury lawsuit loans, wrongful death lawsuit loans, medical malpractice lawsuit loans, workers compensation, product liability lawsuit loans, and motor vehicle accident lawsuit loans. Because we exclusively fund injury case, we are able to provide faster approvals and lower interest rates.

Red Fox specializes in Lawsuit Loans for Injury Cases

  • Car Accident Lawsuit Loans
  • Bus Accident Lawsuit Loans
  • Defective Medical Device Lawsuit Loans
  • Dram Shop Lawsuit Loans
  • Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loans
  • Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Loans
  • Pharmaceutical Litigation Loans
  • Premises Liability Lawsuit Loans
  • Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans
  • Trip and Fall Lawsuit Loans
  • Workers Compensation Loans
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans
  • and more


Best lawsuit loan company

Lawsuit loans are a great financial tool for people who are going through the litigation process and just need a little assistance until they get the money from their lawsuit settlement.

They can use the pre settlement funding loan to pay their expenses and hold out for a better settlement from the insurance company or corporate defendant. However, it is critical that the client work with a professional and honest lawsuit loans company that is looking out for his or her best interest.

Red Fox is that professional lawsuit lender. We don't employ salesperson. We have litigation and personal injury claim expert on-deck and ready to assist you.

Unlike a few other companies, we will not try to bait you with false advertising and false promises. You will get the accurate and straightforward information so you can make an informed decision that's best for your and your family.

If you need to borrow against your lawsuit and have an injury case of third party case, feel free to apply online or give us a call. We offer a wide variety of lawsuit loans for most injury lawsuits and accident cases such as medical malpractice lawsuit loans, car accident lawsuit loans, defective product lawsuit loans, pedestrian accident lawsuit loans, premises accident lawsuit loans, automobile accident lawsuit loans, wrongful death lawsuit loans, slip and fall lawsuit loans, bad drug lawsuit loans, and many more.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our legal funding questions and answers page or give us a call and speak with a live legal finance specialist.

To get started, apply online for faster processing or call us toll-free at 1-888-475-8027 to get approved for a lawsuit loan in 24 hours.

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Lawsuit Loan Reviews

Lawsuit Loan Reviews

Thank you to all our past clients across America for helping to make Red Fox the first choice for lawsuit funding.

★★★★★ Review 5/5

Ronald A.

Getting a lawsuit loan from Red Fox Lawsuit Funding was a painless process that anyone can do. Everyone I dealt with over there were all very helpful. After getting the information from my lawyer, they took a few hours to evaluate my case and got me approved for the money I needed to catch up on some bills and buy a used car to get around. I will be referring my friends and family.

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