Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

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Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is the best personal injury lawsuit funding company in the United States, bar none. We know that's a bold statement, but it's true.

Please take a look at the following 5 questions:

  1. Have you been seriously injured?
  2. Do you have a personal injury attorney or need help finding a good one?
  3. Do you need to borrow money from your lawsuit fast -- preferably today?
  4. Do you want a very fair & competitive personal injury funding interest rate?
  5. Do you understand the importance of working with a company that values your business and will give you the respect & consideration you deserve?

If you answered yes to those 5 questions then Red Fox Lawsuit Funding is the lawsuit lender you definitely want to work with in securing a personal injury lawsuit loan against your future settlement.

Call us or apply online by filling out the short funding application if you have a pending personal injury case and need a personal injury settlement loan from $1,000 to $350,000 from a lawsuit funding company that genuinely cares about your well-being.

We work hard each and every business day to help injured victims get fast cash advances at the best possible interest rate.


Plaintiff funding assists injury victims in paying their bills, and give attorneys time to build stronger cases. Our personal injury lawsuit loans can level the playing field for you.

Choosing the best personal injury lawsuit funding company

Before we move along and provide you with some informative but boring details about our personal injury lawsuit funding program, please give us a brief moment to show you how to spot unscrupulous funding companies.

We'll simply give you the honest facts so you can make an informed decision in finding the best lawsuit funding company.

  • We don't have any fake customer reviews or made-up testimonials to share with you.
  • We won't insult your intelligence by flashing a stock photo of a smiling woman grabbing a wad of cash.
  • We take the time to listen, answer your questions honestly, and keep you updated. We'll talk to you in a respectful & professional manner.
  • We keep it 100% honest and transparent. No one here will try to bait-and-switch you. Please, don't let them fool you with dishonest advertisements with unrealistically low lawsuit loans interest rate.
  • We have experience on our side. We are lawsuit funding experts, not sales people. We can deliver fast and competent service because we specialize in personal injury. Call us and you'll see.
  • We're not looking to take advantage of your financial situation.
  • Our corporate slogan says it all: The Responsible Lender. We respect and give back.

Other plaintiff funding companies might offer similar services, but no one values client relationships like Red Fox.

If you want to work with a honest and straightforward personal injury lawsuit funding company that genuinely cares and wants to help you, please apply online or give us a call at 1-888-475-8027. There's no obligation just for calling or submitting your application online.

We wish you all the best in your health and your case.

Personal Injury Litigation Funding

Personal injury defined

What is a personal injury claim?

Answer: A personal injury claim refers to a legal claim to recover monetary compensation that's filed by a person who has suffered physical and/or emotional injury. A personal injury claim can be filed by the person who has been harmed or that person's legally authorized representative.

Personal injury claims are filed against the person and/or business responsible for causing the injury through negligence, carelessness, recklessness, and even intentional acts.

In the land of the free, anyone can file a legal claim against another party. However, whether or not that person has a viable claim is a difference story.

When a person injury claim is based upon the theory of negligence, there are 4 basic elements that must be met:

  1. Duty - The responsible party has a duty to the injured party.
  2. Breach of Duty - The responsible party breached the duty through an act(s) or omission.
  3. Proximate Cause -The party’s breach of duty was the direct cause of the injury.
  4. Damages -The plaintiff suffered damages due to the harm the plaintiff suffered when the party breached his / her duty of care.

Those "4 elements" are the basic elements for having a viable claim to recover monetary compensation from a personal injury claim. However, depending upon where the injury occurred and the nature of the case, there may be additional requirements that will raise the requirements for having a viable claim.

Personal injury claim vs personal injury lawsuit: The difference between the two?

Answer: Many people use the terms "person injury claim" and "personal injury lawsuit" interchangeably. But are the two terms the identical?

For the most part, the two terms do represent the same thing, which is that a person who was injured due to a negligent act or omission by another party is seeking to recover money as compensation for injuries and damages suffered in a loss.

The most fundamental difference is "personal injury lawsuit" implies that the case is in litigation. That means, the injured party or his / her attorney has served a summons and filed a complaint against the responsible party(s) in a court of law.

Personal injury litigation is expensive and lengthy. Most attorneys would prefer to settle a PI case without litigating if the case can be resolved for a fair and reasonable amount. However, if the attorney knows that the insurance company or defendant won't engage in good-faith settlement discussions, he / she will put the case into suit and go through the discovery process in preparation of trial.

In summary, some choose to use the term "claim" to represent that the case is in the pre-litigation phase and reserve the term "lawsuit" to reflect that the case is in litigation, which will require the defendant answer and appear in court.


What is a personal injury lawsuit loan?

Whether you choose to call it personal injury lawsuit funding, personal injury loans, or personal injury funding, a personal injury lawsuit loan is simply borrowing money against a lawsuit.

With our personal injury loans, you are getting a risk-free lawsuit cash advance from a potential future lawsuit settlement.

Our settlement funding products are not conventional loans. Rather, we offer lawsuit advancements to people who have been hurt through no fault of their own and urgently need help taking care of their financial obligations and living expenses.

Accidents can cause serious, debilitating, and permanent injuries, even death. We've had lawsuit funding client who suffered traumatic brain injury, neck surgery, broken bones (leg fracture), knee cartilage tears, shoulder surgery, and complex ankle injuries and lower back surgery due to the negligence of another party. These serious bodily injuries often leave plaintiffs unable to return to work and provide for themselves and their family.

If the injury you sustained from an accident has caused you to incur wage loss and a reduction in income, a personal injury settlement loan may be your best solution in supplementing your income until you are able to get back on your feet and win the best personal injury lawsuit settlement from the insurance company.


Lawsuit Funding for Personal Injury Settlements

Benefits of lawsuit loans on personal injury cases

Our personal injury lawsuit funding has saved thousands of injured accident victims from low-ball settlements, eviction, damaged credit, vehicle repossession, phone service disconnection, harassing calls from bill collectors, utility shut-off, and foreclosure proceedings.

Personal injury lawsuits are notorious for taking years to settle. The actual amount of time it will take until you get your lawsuit settlement money will depend on the venue of the case and circumstances of the injury. But when your injury is preventing you from returning to work and your bills are piling up, you simply can't afford to wait month or years.

At Red Fox, we know it's stressful waiting years to recover compensation for your losses. That's why we make getting advance lawsuit funding hassle free for personal injury clients.

Pre settlement funding on your injury claim gets you instant cash to pay the bills and relief the pressure to settle your case prematurely, so your personal injury lawyer can take all the time necessary to negotiate the best settlement from the insurance company or in the alternative prepare your case for trial.

We have streamlined the legal funding process to make borrowing lawsuit cash from your settlement straightforward for injury victims.

Discover the benefits of our personal injury lawsuit funding program:

  • Next Day injury loans
  • $1,000 to $350,000
  • Hassle-Free. Easy approval, simply process
  • No Fee to apply
  • No Job requirements
  • No Monthly payments, ever!
  • No Risk to personal injury plaintiffs! If you lose, owe nothing


Lawsuit Loans for Personal Injury Cases

As a full service legal funding company, we provide injury loans to people who got hurt by the careless or intentional acts of others. When someone is determined to be legally responsible for injuring someone else, they are liable for the injury and may be made to compensate the victim.

At Red Fox, our personal injury lawsuit funding underwriters have successfully handled all types of injury and accident matters throughout America. Here's a short list of cases we can fund:

We also offer legal funding cash advances for wrongful death lawsuits, workers compensation settlements and product liability injury lawsuits.


Pre Settlement Funding for Personal Injury Claims: Qualifying for personal injury loans

Common Injuries

Injury loans are available to lawsuit plaintiffs throughout the United States. These are some of the most common injuries plaintiffs sustain in the cases we underwrite:

  • Head injury
  • Neck Injury - Cervical spine disc herniation, Bugling disc, Annular tear
  • Lacerations / Skin Puncture
  • Face Injury
  • Amputation
  • Knee Injury - Meniscus tear, Patellar kneecap fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Ankle injury
  • Spine Injuries
  • Back Injury - Herniated disc, Disc bulge, Ruptured disc, Compressed Nerve
  • Wrist injury
  • Fracture
  • Hearing and vision loss
  • Tibia fracture
  • Shoulder Injury - Torn rotator cuff tear, Clavicle fracture broken collarbone
  • Eye Injury
  • Dismemberment
  • Death - Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

Eligible States

We provide lawsuit advances for injury cases pending in following states:

  • Alabama personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Arizona personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • California personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Connecticut personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Georgia personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Indiana personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Kansas personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Louisiana personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Michigan personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Mississippi personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Missouri personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Montana personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Nevada personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • New Jersey personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • New York personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • North Dakota personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Ohio personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Rhode Island personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Washington personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • West Virginia personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Wyoming personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • Minnesota personal injury lawsuit cash advance
  • And More


Best personal injury lawsuit cash advance company

You deserve to work with the best personal injury lawsuit funding company in the industry. Use our expertise in civil litigation, risk management, trial work, and liability claim best practices to your advantage.

What working with Red Fox Lawsuit Funding means for you is faster processing, easier approval, lower lawsuit funding interest rates, and professional client service.

We have witnessed the damages that can result from accidents and understand the struggles injured accident victims face in trying to recover from their physical injuries and get their lives back in order.

Our personal injury lawsuit funding underwriter is on deck ready to review your funding application. As soon as we get your application, we'll immediately process your lawsuit cash advance request then reach out to your personal injury lawyer to gather some additional information about your injury case.

To get started now, please fill out the online funding application on this page.

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Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding Nationwide

Personal injury lawsuit cash advance

Red Fox Funding is a nationwide lawsuit funding company based out of New York State, providing lawsuit cash advances and settlement loans to clients throughout the United States. We help personal injury plaintiffs who need financial assistance paying their bills, living expenses, and other financial obligations.

Here are just a few locations where we offer plaintiff funding:

Alabama | Arizona | Connecticut | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Louisiana | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nevada | North Dakota | Rhode Island | South Dakota | Washington | West Virginia | Wyoming | Minnesota | and More

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