Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Funding

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Funding

Pre Settlement Funding Trip and Fall Lawsuit Settlements

Every year, millions of people visit emergency rooms across the country, having been hurt in a slip and fall accident.

Slip and fall / trip and fall liability arises when a person is injured because a walking surface such as an interior floor or outside surface contains an unsafe condition (water, ice, oil, debris, holes, cracks, other defects) that causes a person to slip or trip and then fall down to the ground or get knocked off balance.

Slip and falls often result in serious, debilitating, and permanent injuries leading to loss of income and money problems for accident victims.

Unfortunately, slip and fall lawsuits can take a long time to resolve and come to a final disposition. This is because insurance companies and large corporate defendant typically deny liability or delay the settlement process with low-ball settlement offers. Depending on the venue, injury, and the insurance company involved, slip & fall injury claims can take 1 ½ to 3 years to settle.

However, while the insurance company adjuster is dragging his / her feet, the plaintiff is struggling financially to make ends meet.

Plaintiffs who are physically unable to return to work and can't afford to pay their bills and other financial obligation don't have the luxury of waiting years to pay their bills. They need financial relief now so they can take care of their financial obligations and stay afloat while waiting to received fair compensation.

Our lawsuit funding solutions are designed to help slip and fall accident victims pay their bills and make ends meet while they continue to fight for a fair recovery from the responsible party.

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding provides slip and fall accident lawsuit funding to seriously injured premises liability victims who desperately need financial assistance before they get the money from their slip & fall lawsuit settlement.

If you slipped and fell due to a dangerous, unsafe, or defective condition resulting in serious bodily injury, and you hired a slip & fall attorney to represent you in personal injury claims, our lawsuit funding company can get a lawsuit loan on your slip and fall settlement now, while you're waiting for your case to settle.

Red Fox provides slip and fall accident lawsuit funding ranging from $1,000 to $350,000.

Slip and fall lawsuit funding is a no-risk cash advance on a lawsuit settlement, not a bank loan. Thus, we do not perform a credit check or run your credit score. Getting approved, and the how much money you can borrow from your lawsuit depends upon our assessment of the merits and strength of your slip & fall injury case.

Red Fox Funding knows all about slip and falls. We know your under a lot of stress right now. Getting hurt was bad enough. But now you can't return to work and you're faced with mounting bills and insufficient income. We understand the financial burden and we're committed to giving you the financial tools to stay afloat and win a fair lawsuit settlement.

That's why we make getting pre settlement funding slip and fall lawsuit loans fast and easy:

  • Next Day lawsuit cash advance
  • $1,000 to $350,000 available in slip and fall funding
  • Hassle-Free
  • Easy Approval
  • Straightforward Process
  • No Fees to apply
  • No Job requirements
  • No Income verification
  • No Monthly payments, ever!
  • Zero Risk to plaintiffs. If you lose or don't recover compensation, then you owe nothing and keep the cash advance.

To get started, all you have to do is fill out the online application on this page for faster processing. You can also call the underwriting department Mon - Fri 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST) to speak directly with a lawsuit funding specialist who can take your application over the phone and answer any questions you may have, 1-888-475-8027.

Once, we get your funding application, we can move forward and call your slip and fall personal injury lawyer for some additional information about your case.




Pre Settlement Loans for Slip and Fall Lawsuit Settlements

What is slip and fall lawsuit funding?

Slip and fall lawsuit funding from Red Fox Funding is a lawsuit cash advance program for people who have sustained serious personal injury while on someone else's property, resulting from a defective, dangerous or unsafe condition that was preventable if the owner or lessee of the property took appropriate steps to fix or warn third-parties of the unreasonable danger.

Essentially, slip and fall lawsuit funding is a cash advance for accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs with personal injury claims against property owners whose negligence or carelessness lead to the fall and subsequent injury.

Am I eligible for slip and fall lawsuit loans?

We have a very straightforward and easy lawsuit funding underwriting process.

If you are concerned about whether or not you are eligible to apply for for a pre settlement loan on your slip and fall or trip and fall accident case, please take a look at the following questions:

  1. Did you fall because of a defective or unsafe condition?
  2. Did you seek immediate medical treatment after the slip & fall?
  3. Have you suffered a serious and / or permanent injury?
  4. Do you have a personal injury attorney representing you for the slip and fall accident case?
  5. Did the property have liability insurance or is the property owned by a "reputable" business or a corporation, such as Walmart®, supermarket, bank, etc.?

If you can answer "yes" to all 5 questions, you are in fact eligible to submit your funding application for a slip and fall lawsuit loan right now, by filling out the online form on this page or calling us at 1-888-475-8027.

Furthermore, although we are a national lawsuit funding offering legal funding products to injured accident victims and civil plaintiffs throughout the United States, we are unfortunately unable to advance lawsuit funding to injury victims with cases pending in AK, CO, KY MD, NC, and OK.


Benefits of Premises Liability Lawsuit Funding

Slip and fall lawsuit loans have saved thousands of personal injury plaintiffs from low-ball lawsuit settlements and financial disaster such as eviction, ruined credit, vehicle repossession, phone service disconnection, aggressive debt collection efforts, utility shut-off, foreclosure proceedings, and more.

If the slip and fall lawsuit settlement process was anything like what we see on television, there wouldn't be a need for premises liability lawsuit funding. However, the unfortunate reality for plaintiffs is that unlike your favorite T.V. legal drama that's over and done with in one-hour, slip and fall cases take a very long time come to successful end.

Slip and fall accident victims who have suffered serious injuries are often faced with mounting bills and insufficient income.

The problem for an injury victim is that while their lawsuit is dragging out and the insurance company is taking their sweet time to make a fair slip and fall settlement offer, the plaintiff's bills and expenses still need to get paid.

A pre-settlement funding slip and fall lawsuit advance is a fast and easy lawsuit funding solution for plaintiffs who need financial assistance but are not eligible for traditional forms of borrowing such as bank and credit union personal loans.

Premises liability funding puts cash in the hands of slip and fall accident victims so they can have the money to pay their bills, rent, auto loan payments, and other obligations.

Why do premises liability slip & fall cases take so long to settle?

Premises liability slip and fall injury claims usually take a long time to settle because the defendant and their insurance company will deny liability by asserting that the property owner or landlord was not responsible for your fall and/or the injuries you are alleging.

A standard liability insurance policy provides that the insurance company will pay all sums which the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of injury caused by an accident.

However, to avoid paying the claim, or delay paying promptly, property owners and their insurers will often try to escape civil liability by raising the "notice" defense.

Their typical argument is that the property owner did not create or know about the hazardous conditions.

"Notice" in slip and fall injury cases

The plaintiff must demonstrate the existence of an unsafe or dangerous condition and that the property owner had a hand in creating the unsafe condition or had actual or constructive notice of it.

If the plaintiff is unable to establish that the landowner created the unsafe condition, the plaintiff must prove that the landowner had actual notice or construction notice of the condition.

However, if the conduct of the property owner created or had a hand in creating the alleged condition, then there is no need for the plaintiff to prove notice. Furthermore, if the alleged condition is one that the possessor of land knows frequently reoccurs, then actual notice can be imputed to the property owner and the plaintiff need not show additional evidence of constructive notice.

3 Benefits of a slip and fall lawsuit cash advance

Insurance companies and big corporation that are self-insured usually handle slip and fall injury cases 1 or 2 ways.

They will either make a low-ball settlement offer or deny the claim outright, thereby forcing a personal injury attorney to either drop the case or file suit and litigate the matter.

This low-ball settlement offer has a name--they call it a "nuisance" offer. They will usually make this nuisance value offer early in the settlement process to get rid of the case fast. However, the nuisance value offer is typically grossly insufficient to fully compensate the slip and fall accident victim for his/her damages.

Insurance companies such as Allstate® and large corporations such as Walmart® have a reputation for paying hard-ball. That's why it's important you protect your interests by having an experienced and aggressive slip and fall injury lawyer with the knowledge and financial resources required to fight on your behalf.

Winning a fair lawsuit settlement from your slip and fall case takes money, commitment, and dedication, so the litigation process will take some time.

Slip and fall accident lawsuit funding is a financial tool designed to help level the proverbial playing field for serious injury accident victims.

Slip and fall lawsuit loans can put cash in hands now so you can pay your bills and make ends meet. Stop stressing out about how you're going to get the money to pay your rent and buy groceries and start focusing on getting the medical treatment you need to recover from your injuries and win a fair lawsuit settlement from your slip and fall injury case. 

Slip and fall lawsuit loans can be used for any purpose (legal, of course). Personal injury plaintiffs even use the lawsuit advance to pay for medical treatment and even surgery. A lawsuit cash advance is a great option for plaintiffs who need to have a surgical procedure done but don't have health insurance or sufficient personal injury protection (PIP) coverage to pay for the operation. Lawsuit funding for surgery can also benefit slip and fall plaintiffs who have been denied medical care because of issues medical liens or letter of protection.

Slip and fall lawsuit loans can also help you win a larger lawsuit settlement by empowering you to reject the low-ball nuisance value settlement offer and instead continue fighting for fair and reasonable monetary compensation from the wrongdoer.

A lawsuit cash advance from Red Fox gets fast funds for you so you can take care of yourself and your family. Another advantage of slip and fall lawsuit loans is that it can help you win a big lawsuit settlement by relieving the pressure to settle prematurely due to money worries.




Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans: Premises liability cases eligible for lawsuit cash advance

People slip and fall every day, and it may just be purely a clumsy accident. However, in the majority of slip and fall cases, people fall and hurt themselves due to poor maintenance and unreasonable conditions.

Property owners have a duty to reasonably maintain property that they own and inform visitors, tenants, and customers of dangerous conditions on that property.

When property owners, landlords, and lessees breach that duty, they can be held civilly liable under the theory of premises liability.

These are some of conditions which can lead to someone slipping / tripping and falling:

  • Wet floor
  • Cracked flooring or cement
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Pothole
  • Uneven pavement
  • Broken handrail
  • Uneven flooring
  • Accumulated snow or ice
  • Unsecured floor mats, rugs, or carpets
  • Waxing
  • Unsafe construction
  • Debris
  • Uneven elevator
  • Poorly lit stairwells
  • Liquid from an air conditioner
  • Icy patches caused by snow build up


Pre settlement funding slip and fall cases

We are responsible lawsuit lenders. Although we try to provide financial assistance to as many slip and fall accident victims as we can, we have to balance our commitment to helping accident victims with investing in lawsuit settlements responsibly.

Slip and falls can be "tricky," for lack of a better word. Just because someone fell and got seriously injured on someone else’s property does not automatically mean that the property owner was negligent or is liable for compensation you for damages.

A plaintiff (through his / her attorney) in a premises liability slip and fall or trip and fall personal injury case will have to prove or establish that there was an unsafe or dangerous condition.

The plaintiff has the burden of proof in showing that the property owner knew or should reasonably have known that the premises was in an unsafe condition, and still failed to take proper steps to remedy the situation.

Furthermore, that dangerous condition must have existed for a period of time sufficient to give the owner notice that it was unsafe.

Locations where slip and fall accidents often occur

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgSidewalks

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgSupermarkets

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgBig Box retail stores

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgPublic restrooms

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgStaircases

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgApartment buildings

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgElevators

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgNightclubs

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgGrocery stores

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgRestaurants

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgOffices

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgHotels

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans.jpgCasinos

Examples of lawsuit loans for slip and fall / trip and cases

We specialize in slip and fall / trip and pre-settlement funding and trip for serious injury cases. Below are a few of the cases where we were able to provide financial assistance to victim of slip and falls and trip and falls.

In each of the following situations, one of our pre-settlement funding underwriters determine the property owner had notice of the unsafe condition and failed to do anything about it (or took action but did so in a way that failed to adequately address the condition):

  • The client fell down a flight of stairs in an apartment building. The lighting was poor and there were no handrails. She sustained multiple bodily injuries, and required surgery. $18,000 trip and fall lawsuit cash advance.
  • The client was leaving a grocery store, pushing her shopping cart, when one of the wheels on her cart became lodged in a hole on the sidewalk, causing the cart along with the client to topple to the ground. She suffered a hip fracture. Our underwriter discovered the grocery store created the hazardous condition. $5,000 trip and fall lawsuit cash advance.
  • The client went to a supermarket to pick up some groceries. He walks into one of the aisles, and unbeknownst to him there's water on the floor. The man walks on the water and fell, injuring himself. Our underwriter quickly reviewed the complaint and other supporting documentation then spoke with the plaintiff's attorney. We determined that the store manager knew or should know about the unsafe condition and didn't do anything to correct it. $2,000 slip and fall lawsuit cash advance.
  • The client tripped and fell on a backyard concrete walkway which was cracked and broken. Unfortunately, the landlord failed to keep his property safe. He didn’t regularly maintain or inspect the walkway and did not do any patch work or repairs to the walkway in the years, prior to the client's trip and fall accident. As a result of the fall, the client suffered serious injury to his ankle. The MRI revealed a partial tear of a ligament in his ankle. He eventually underwent arthroscopic surgery. $5,000 trip and fall lawsuit cash advance.
  • The client slipped and fell in a puddle caused by a leaky awning at the entrance to a gas station convenience store. She fell forward, lost consciousness, and later suffered seizures and post-concussion syndrome. $4,000 slip and fall lawsuit cash advance.
  • The client, who was truck driver, was making a delivery to a business. When he arrived to the defendant's property and exited his vehicle, he slipped and fell on an ice patch. This fall lead to the client sustaining serious injuries to his head, left arm, left shoulder and neck. After speaking with the client's attorney, our underwriter determined that ice had formed in the parking lot several hours before the property owner opened for business. A reasonable inspection by the property owner could have discovered this condition. The attorney had a expert who opined that the ice patch would have formed in the late evening hours of the day before the accident. The defendant had sufficient opportunity to discover and remedy this hazard. $12,000 slip and fall lawsuit cash advance.
  • The client was in an office building, and the floor has just been mopped with a cleaning solution that made the floor unreasonably slippery. There is neither a warning sign, a rope around the slippery area or a carpet to help people avoid that slippery area. The client slipped, fell and sustained permanent injury, which required surgical intervention. $10,000 workers compensation settlement funding.


Lawsuit Funding for Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claims

We help those people who have been seriously injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another person, business, or corporation. If you have suffered a serious injured and/or had significant medical treatment, we are ready to help you now. A few of the injuries we typically see involved slip and fall cases are:

  • Head injuries
  • Lacerations / Skin Puncture
  • Face injury
  • Skull fracture
  • Hip fracture
  • Shoulder injury
  • Broken Bones
  • Knee injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Ankle injury
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Wrist injury
  • Tibia fracture
  • Eye Injury

If you suffered a slip and fall injury, you should speak with one of our lawsuit funding specialists to review your claim.




Underwriting Slip and Fall Cases for Pre Settlement Funding

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding has some of the best lawsuit funding underwriters in the industry.

Our lawsuit funding underwriter are responsible for reviewing,  evaluating, and deciding if slip and fall cases should get approved and how much money plaintiffs can borrow.

These are the 5 steps to getting an accident loan on your slip & fall case:

Put in your request for slip and fall pre settlement funding by filling out the funding application on this webpage.

A lawsuit funding underwriter will review your application then call your attorney or paralegal to get some information about your slip and fall lawsuit.

We'll give you a call to let you know how much money you have been approved and the best lawsuit funding rate.

The lawsuit funding agreement is sent to you and your attorney by email or fax to get signed and dated, then returned to us.

As soon as we get back the duly executed funding agreement from your attorney, we'll send the money directly to you via FedEx® overnight mail, Western Union®, or bank wire to your checking account.

We love the work we’re able to do and we approach every case with the client’s best interest at heart. Other lawsuit lenders might offer similar financial products, but no one values client relationships like us.

That's why our lawsuit funding interest rates are so low and why our lawsuit funding loans terms are transparent. It’s also why you won’t owe us anything if you lose your slip and fall case or don't recover a settlement, judgment, verdict, or award.

We’re here on your side, ready to provide funding for lawsuit settlements.


Get a Loan on Your Slip and Fall Lawsuit in 24 Hours

You deserve to work with one of America's best personal injury lawsuit funding companies for fast lawsuit funding approval.

Red Fox Lawsuit funding specializes if premises liability with an emphasis on slip and falls and trip and falls.

Use our expertise in slip and fall litigation to your advantage.

When you work with Red Fox, you can expect to receive same day processing, easy approval, fair lawsuit funding rates, and professional client service.

Our slip and fall lawsuit funding underwriters are on deck ready to get started on your funding application.

You owe it to yourself to work with a company with five-star lawsuit funding reviews.

To get started now, all you need to do is complete the online application on this page or call us toll-free during standard business hours by dialing 1-888-475-8027. The call is toll-free and there's no obligation just for applying.

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Slip and Fall Lawsuit Funding Reviews

Slip and fall lawsuit funding

Thanks to all the clients across America for helping to make Red Fox the first choice for lawsuit funding.

★★★★★ Review 5/5

Lisa W.

I applied for a slip and fall settlement loan with another funding companies that advertised low rates only to have the story change after I was approved and it was time for me to get the money. But your company is different. When I got approved for the settlement loan, Anthony in the funding department kept his word and offered me the loan at the same terms I got quoted when I had first called. I'm also happy with how much money I was approved for. Red Fox Funding got me $3,000 more than what the first funding company was offering me. I got a lower rate and more money, I couldn't be more satisfied! Plus, I got approved just in time. The slip and fall settlement loan got me through a really difficult situation. I recommend your company to anyone hurt in a slip and fall looking for the lowest cost pre settlement funding for their slip and fall accident.

Ohio Lawsuit Funding

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Funding Nationwide

Slip and Fall lawsuit funding

Red Fox Funding is a nationwide lawsuit funding company based out of New York State, offer pre-settlement funding post settlement funding solutions to seriously injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs with injury claims.

We provide personal injury lawsuit funding for a wide variety of liability claim and third party lawsuit such as auto accident lawsuit funding, dram shop liability lawsuit funding, pedestrian accident lawsuit funding, premises liability lawsuit funding, commercial truck lawsuit funding, ceiling collapse lawsuit funding, loans on car accident settlements, product liability lawsuit funding, wrongful death lawsuit funding, sidewalk accident lawsuit funding, car accident lawsuit funding, bad drug lawsuit funding, medical malpractice lawsuit funding, construction accident lawsuit funding, and more.

Here are just a few of the cities and states where we offer pre settlement funding to plaintiffs who slipped and fall due unsafe conditions:

Florida | Atlanta | Philadelphia | Massachusetts | California | New York | Texas | Georgia | South Dakota | Florida | New Jersey | Houston | Michigan | Detroit | Oregon | West Virginia | Iowa | Arizona | Kansas | Washington | Minnesota | Washington | Nevada | Louisiana | Virginia | Connecticut | Delaware | Ohio | and more

Lawsuit Funding for Surgery

Lawsuit loans for slip and fall accident victims who need funding to pay for a surgical procedure or medical treatment

Money for slip and fall accident victims

Did you know seriously injured slip and fall accident victims can get lawsuit funding to pay for an operation or long-term rehabilitation?

Red Fox Lawsuit Funding provides medical treatment lawsuit funding and surgery lawsuit funding.

Medical treatment lawsuit funding covers the costs of therapy, treatment, diagnostics, and/or rehabilitation.

Surgery lawsuit funding covers the costs of your next operation or surgical procedure.

If your medical doctor or specialist has recommended that you undergo surgery, and you want to follow through with having the procedure done, but don't have the money to pay for the surgical procedure, Red Fox Funding can get you lawsuit funding for surgery to cover the costs and fees of your next operation.

Even after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, there are still millions of uninsured and underinsured Americans. There are almost 29 million people living in the United States who don't have health insurance.

Lawsuit funding for surgery benefits slip and fall accident victims who urgently need access to quality health care but don't have health benefit or sufficient medical coverage to pay for the treatment.

Surgery is expensive. A premises liability related operation can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $45,000 or more, depending upon the type of procedure and the city or county where the surgeon is located.

Red Fox Funding can get slip and fall victims lawsuit funding for most surgical procedures.

These are the most requested operations: Arthroscopic surgery; Discectomy; Fusion; Laminectomy; Pain Injections such epidural steroid injections, nerve block treatment, facet joint injections, & radiofrequency ablation; Dental operations; Reconstructive surgery; and more.

For more information about medical treatment lawsuit funding or surgery lawsuit funding program, simply give us a call 1-888-475-8027 or send an email to

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